6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller


6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

Panels woven from steel wire filter light into this combined cafe and gallery by Spanish architects MSB Estudi Taller.

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

Located in Olot, north-east Spain, the 6T7 Espai Cafe has bare concrete walls and flooring.

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

Thick steel plates were used to make seating booths, bars and counter tops.

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

The wire window panels were woven by hand at the architects' studio, creating an uneven texture in contrast to the severe furniture and interior.

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

Photographs are by Miquel Merce Arquitecte.

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

Here's some more information from MSB Estudi Taller:

Old Town, Olot.

6T7 ESPAI CAFÈ is not just a regular cafeteria. It’s a meeting place for gatherings and exhibitions.

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

It is located in an alley in the old town, with stony and gray tones.

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

We wanted a neutral space to respond to the location, integrated in the context of the neighbourhood. This space had to be empty, clean and sober. Its walls are a place for exhibitions, for contemplation.

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

The space was small. We optimised grouping all elements of the bar, integrated to leave the view clean. The entire container is finished with concrete with the same appearance and roughness of the environment, the street: stony and gray.

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

The furniture could not reveal the function, could not charge the space, it had to be neutral. We created a piece of furniture to be seen, like a sculpture. A sculpture crafted from steel plate generating pace and enhances the shape of space. The sculpture wants to be austere, "essentially constructive," and wants to pervade space: “sculpted space."

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

The finish is warm and gentle; steel was chosen with a dark brown tone and dark streaks that gives a natural texture to the piece.

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

The space was incomplete, lacking a warmer atmosphere, with more vibration, more humanised.

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

In one of the facades facing the street, there is an element, which filters, blurs, divides the light. A vibration element that provides texture, roughness to space, in contrast to the smooth surface of the walls and furniture. One element made by us, by hand in the workshop, composed by frames twisted with steel wire, and hang along the entire wall, making a totally random composition, flexible and filtered. A handmade piece to humanise the space, intentionally made to get close and merge architecture to the people.

6T7 Espai Cafe by MSB Estudi Taller

Neutral space + sculpture + atmosphere generator = 6T7 ESPAI CAFÈ
Miquel Subiràs, MSB ESTUDI TALLER, 2011.

CREDITS Architectural project: Miquel Subiràs - MSB Estudi taller d’arquitectura i disseny
web: www.msbestuditaller.com
Client: Raquel Martín
Surface: 160m2
Location: Carrer dels Sastres, no35 Olot, Girona, SPAIN
Constructor: Construccions Pallàs
Blacksmith and furniture: Metàl·liques Olot
Painting: Brillauto
Equipment: Terundar
Photography: Miquel Merce Arquitecte

  • Good taste, in the hope that the exhibitions will be at the scene. Steel is a beautiful material if it is well operated.

  • Don't know if it's the extreme summer heat over here, but this space looks wonderfully cool and calming….

  • Understated elegance. A wonderful use of an ancient material.

  • I would have liked to see a close-up of the booths; somehow I suspect they are the Achilles' heel of this particular project.

    I love the textures, though.

  • edorta

    Great photos!!!
    (worth an exhibition in the Espai)

  • hiatushoney

    A bit Auchwichz perhaps

  • Megan

    looks like if you are sitting in a booth there will be a person sitting over you as the long counter runs the length of the booths at right angle?
    there would have to be cushions on the steel surely ?
    And the noise must be unbearable.
    Style over practicality yet again

  • WE WANT LARGER IMAGES!, why do you keep ignoring this request dezeen?, its so frustrating.

    The material palette in this design is wonderful.

    • Hi Jesse. We are working on that but it's a big job as it requires a major recoding of our site. Hang in there…


  • Sophisticated work. Beautiful!

  • jamie

    Great. Loving architects from north catalonia.

  • Felicitats, MSB! Aunque me gustaría ver mejor el screen de la fachada, parece un proyecto fantástico en nuestro pueblo favorito de Catalunya.

  • I hadn't thought about the possible acoustic problems until I read Megan's comment above. The echo in there must be terrible!

    This seems like one of those spaces that is beautiful to look at, but might not function well as a place to spend a lot of time. I usually prefer cafés to take advantage of warmer, more earthy materials because I find them comforting and inviting. The 6T7 Cafe is certainly beautiful to look at with its austere, minimalist sensibility (and I absolutely LOVE the window treatments), but after about half an hour at one of those steel booths I might start to long for the touch and smell of wood or fabric.

    Purely on the basis of aesthetics though, this is a stunning design.

  • Michael

    Bleak. I think I hear nuns singing. The food had better be REALLY good …

  • spiritualemergency

    Interesting to note that all these interiors seem to have a common style of unfinished and rough n ready?

    I see of course its the 'look ' and 'aesthetic' of 'austerity '.

    Austerity? Really. We aint seen nothing yet

    • Galicer

      The wall actually has a stucco finish, quite beautiful and nothing to do with rough or unfinished. Actually, if it had been polished more, it would even resemble marble a tiny bit.