The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre
by Daniel Libeskind


The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre by Daniel Libeskind

New York architect Daniel Libeskind has completed a media centre for the City University of Hong Kong.

The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre by Daniel Libeskind

The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre houses laboratories, theatres, and classrooms for the school's departments of computer engineering and media technology.

The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre by Daniel Libeskind

Like much of Libeskind's body of work, the centre's faceted volume shoots upward into a sharp point.

The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre by Daniel Libeskind

Glazed segments wrap around the building's exterior while intersecting bands of lighting slice through the ceilings of the interior.

The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre by Daniel Libeskind

The media centre is slated to open in October.

The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre by Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind is best known for his Jewish Museum in Berlin as well as masterplanning the World Trade Center site, currently under construction in New York. See all our posts about Libeskind here.

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Photography is by Gollings Photography.

Here's some more information provided by the architect:


The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre for the City University of Hong Kong will provide facilities that will enable the University to become the first in Asia to offer the highest level of education and training in the creative media fields. The Centre will house the Centre for Media Technology and the Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology.

Address: City University of Hong Kong, Cornwall Street, Kowloon Tong

Technical Details
» Steel-reinforced concrete
» 263,000 square feet

Creative Team:
Design: Studio Daniel Libeskind
Joint Venture Partner: Leigh & Orange Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Structural Engineer: ARUP (London and Hong Kong)
Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineer: ARUP
Geotechnical/Civil Engineer: ARUP
Civil Engineering, Specialists, Environmental, IT & Communications, Audio Visual, Acoustics, Fire, Building Innovation, Traffic Engineering: ARUP (Hong Kong)
Contractor: China Resources Construction
Landscape Architect: ADI Limited (Hong Kong)

» Two sound stages (2,200 sq ft and 5,400 sq ft)
» Two THX screening rooms, one with dubbing facilities
» Three additional screening rooms
» Virtual reality immersive research lab
» Box-in-box sound recording studio
» Television studio
» Computer labs and classrooms for production and research
» Multipurpose theater
» Flexible event and exhibition spaces
» Three lecture rooms
» Wood /metal shop
» Electrical shop
» Restaurant
» Café
» Landscaped garden



  • Chris

    It seems like initially, his jagged fractured mineral forms were at least experienced as such from the inside. Not so much here, where rows and rows of windows suggest a rather drab sectional experience, the wild form being filled with stacks and stacks of low ceiling levels.

    I do like the interior finishes though, rather Kubrick-ish, and that staircase is slick.

  • sharp…but closed from outside !!!

  • battle

    All the Libeskind flourishes that he used for the Royal Ontario Museum addition in Toronto have reappeared in Hong Kong.
    Unusable wasted space, eccentric angles, and ideocyncratic perforations.

  • Kaylee

    It's embarrassing. All it's got is a few cliched angles and dumb shapes. What his this dumb origami-shaped lump got to do with architecture or design?

  • mark

    looks pretty much like the rom in toronto, i know he designed it too… but styles do need upgrading from time to time.

  • Jake

    A few more diagonal light fixtures and some silly window shapes …. Is that all Libeskind has to show for his 40 years in architecture? Time for him to retire before he becomes more of a joke than he already is.

  • Dustin

    Dear World,

    Please stop giving Daniel Libeskind commissions. He has become an embarrassment to the profession, and future generations will laugh at us for letting him affect the built environment in such a great way.

    Bye for now,

  • Rembo

    The only thing worse than a bad client paying for bad architecture is a blog willing to post it.

  • Greenish

    You miserable lot – you know you'd miss the silly posts if Dezeen stopped posting them. What fun is being admiring and respectful about everything all the time? ;]

  • llsl

    Not to be rude… but seriously we kinda boring with this and this and this shape danny! and hmmm… I guess what you trying to achieve is to make this kind of style to be reregistered as your copyright! Hoho! Out from the design, thank God this building well constructed!

  • Monic

    Daniel – again, and again , and again … just the same project. His office is just a boring machine producing forever and ever the same one. Diagonal + sharp angle + tilted window=It is that SIMPLE. Maybe he should go back to architecture school and learn a little bit about the profession…

    • Amy

      What makes you think Libeskind even went to architecture school in the first place? It is common knowledge in New York that Libeskind had to call in some political favors to get his license to practice architecture without sitting for the difficult exam. This building does not suggest he ever had an architectural education.

      • Leo

        Actually, he went to architecture school in Cooper Union. Too much for you haters.

  • Darren

    It's a routine flat slab structure with an unnecessarily convoluted and meaningless trapezoidal form. Libeskind thinks he's a great master because he draws silly shapes. There's a lot more depth to real architecture than this 1st-year student effort.

  • this is my favorite Daniel Libeskind building other then the Jewish Museum

  • timmo

    considering it was designed in 2002, about when the ROM was designed, i think it's not so outdated for Libeskind. i visited the building and the experience is quite nice for a university.

  • Mickey Mouse

    How is Danny any different from Zaha and Frank O. in his repetitiveness, please tell, World?

  • Jason

    If Libeskind at least had a decent Idea, I copuld accept the repetition. But dragging out the same BAD idea for every project no matter what the program or where it is located merely underscores how much of a one-trick pony Daniel is. This is the work of a production factory not a design studio.

  • Raymond

    With Libeskind there’s an enormous chasm between the outlandish claims he makes for his work and the puny cheesiness of what he actually designs. But his ego is so far out of control that he can’t even comprehend what a lightweight, nonentity he actually is. So he ends up creating these superficial forms and convincing himself that it is great architecture. And then he does it all over again … and again … and again …. It's not creative at all. It's a poor formula.

  • Lana

    It is unfortunate that some people took Libeskind seriously 20 years ago and encouraged him to pursue this nonsense. If people had ridiculed his work then, as it deserved, he would have been forgotten by now and the world be be a better, less ugly place for lack of his crude designs.

  • Tom

    You can never separate the artist from the art. In Libeskind’s case the man is an ego-driven braggart more interested in himself than anybody or anything else. So too, his “art” is self-centered, loud and inconsiderate. To the extent that Libeskind’s ego is out of control, so too his buildings embody the same chaotic lack of discipline that characterizes his dysfunctional and antisocial personality. The mistake of young designers is that they confuse this disturbed expression of personal sickness with real architecture.

  • Walter

    Libeskind's work fails on many levels. The greatest failing is that his designs are awkward, clumsy and wholly inarticulate. If they communicate at all, it is only as part of a highly personal (and extremely disturbed), coversation with himself. Daniel is not in need of further commissions; he is in need of psychiatric treatment.

  • Count Dracula

    He has become a one trick pony, just like Gehry and Zaha. No regards for context.

  • Kai

    If you see one Libeskind building … you've seen them all.

  • R Bean

    Even as a "sculpture" it is unrefined and ignorant. As a building it is even worse.

  • Larry

    It looks silly now. Imagine how dumb it will look in about five years. People will ask, "What were they thinking?"

  • KRS

    Don't tell me. Let me guess …. It was inspired by a Crystal! Ha Ha!!

  • Libeskind pop-up book slices off a future architect’s finger!!!

  • john

    Looks like a plastic cartoonish futuristic world.