Special feature: London 2012 Olympics


2012 London Olympic Stadium by Populous

With all six permanent venues completed and the opening ceremony exactly one year away, here's a roundup of all our stories about the London 2012 Olympics. See all the stories »

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  • There are some really nice venues for these events. I think the only real concern for Londoners is whether or not the large cost of hosting the games will be justified (ie will it pay itself off or not?). With that said, the venues it has provided to London are nevertheless quite nice.

  • This is already the third time for London to host the game. It will be great because I read that many of the new facilities will be reused and they will also be using existing and historic facilities!Awesome right?

  • Hannah

    Wow, apparently this is the first games to be completed in time and UNDER budget, well done UK!