Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono


Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono

Indonesian architects Budi Pradono have designed a leaning house for Jakarta with a tree growing inside.

Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono

The three-storey Rumah Miring will have a steel frame that tilts towards the street over a swimming pool and driveway on the ground floor.

Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono

Though the walls of the house are to be angled, the floors will remain level and will project into balconies on the exterior.

Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono

The house is to be clad entirely in glass and will have opaque walls only around the first floor bathroom and the second floor guest bedroom.

Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono

Construction is due to commence in September.

Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono

Although a rarity on Dezeen, other Indonesian buildings from the archive include a house with a concrete slide and a compact box house - see more architecture in Indonesia here.

Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono

Here’s some more information from the architects:

Rumah Miring in Pondok Indah Jakarta

Start to be built on September 2011

Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono

The design proposal is a response to the surroundings in Pondok Indah residential area, where most of the people who live there, tend vying to indicate their success or show their wealth indicated by large buildings with Doric columns or Mediterranean style.

Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono

This house is quite small compare to other house, made simple as possible with a steel frame that looks mild, by tilting the building, as a whole will show a symbol of anti-establishment.

Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono

The program is very simple space with a swimming pool and study room on the ground floor and master bedroom on the first floor, and guest bedroom on the second floor. The main materials used are: recycled wood, glass, steel and concrete are the primary material forming this house. The walls around the site from a neighbor’s house are maintained to show the history and locality.

Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono

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Client: CG
Location: Pondock Indah, Jakarta
Design year: 2011
Type: Residential
Architect: Budi Pradono
Architect firm: Budi Pradono Architects
Project Architect in Chief: Budi Pradoo
Architect Assistant: Stephanie Monieca
Architect Assistant Support: Andreas Cornelius Marbun, Elbert Cahyadí
Model Maker: Zuardin Akbar, Andreas Cornelius Marbun, Rofianisa Nurdin
Structure Consultant: Krisdiyanto & Partners Mechanical Electrical Engineers
Land Surveyor: Mercu Buana Laboratory
Land Area: 160 m²
Building Coverage: 128.97 m²
Build Area: 152.69 m²
Total Building Area: 321.4 m²

Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono

  • xoxo

    does dynamic have to be unnecessary?

  • random

    interesting idea.
    But to make all glass residential building in a hot climate region like Indonesia is not really a good idea

    • H-J

      The sides are covered by adjacent buildings, there are big overhangs with the roof and floors before the glazed interior starts and then there's also a tree for some shading. Oh and I think Indonesian architects are very well capable of designing buildings that take the climate in which they themselves live and work into consideration…

    • H-J

      Don't you think the Indonesian architects are well aware of the local conditions in which they live and work? The sides of the project are shaded through the neighbouring buildings, where you enter there is not so much glass, it's closed off…and the glazed side is not only shaded through huge overhangs but also by a tree. Also around the equator the sun is quite high up in the sky, almost perpendicular to the earth's surface so don't you worry about the sun turning this project into a greenhouse.

  • amsam

    no kitchen?

  • This looks great, we really love the way the diagonals of the glass superstructure intersect the floors!

  • bahlul

    i don’t like it,, not comfort for jakarta city,, to transparant and too arogant,,:D

  • reinierdejong

    Please Dezeen, no more preliminary sketchup plans. That's too cheap. Wait until it has been built please!



  • johnny

    this is a school project at best, no more sketchup please

    • MABA

      yeah! no more sketchup, because…??

      • Sabian

        because there's big chance it changed due to construction technique, budget, owner demand et cetera. and yes too cheap for dezeen.

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    Way to go, Budi Pradono… Can't wait to see the realization of this design… :-)

  • I hardly can wait either :-)

  • Boma

    Neighbourhood complaining from sight seing feeling secure very soon …..

  • syarifa

    this might be for rich people who can pay those electricity for air conditioner

  • not friendly for old people, just for under 40