London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid
photographed by Hufton + Crow


London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

Here are some more photographs of Zaha Hadid's recently completed aquatics centre for the London 2012 Olympic Games, taken by UK photographers Hufton + Crow.

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

Six curved concrete diving boards stick out like tongues across one pool at the end of the main hall, beneath an undulating wave-like roof.

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

The competition pool is also located in this hall, which will seat 17,500 spectators during the games.

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

Petal-shaped openings allow light through the concrete ceiling of a second hall, where a practice pool is located.

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

Wide glass walls provide views of pools in both rooms from connecting corridors.

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

More information and images by David Poultney can be seen in our earlier story.

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

Other completed venues on the Olympic Park include the Olympic Stadium by Populous, the Basketball Arena by Sinclair Knight Merz and the Velodrome by Hopkins, which is nominated for the Stirling Prize. See all our stories about London 2012 here.

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid also recently completed the Riverside Museum, which has a zig-zagging zinc-clad roof – click here to see all our stories about Zaha Hadid.

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

Photographers Hufton + Crow also photographed a laboratory in the botanic gardens of Cambridge University and Peter Zumthor’s recently-opened Serpentine Gallery Pavilion - see all our stories with photography by Hufton + Crow here.

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

  • H-J

    Awesome diving boards…

  • Beautiful! Reminds me of a subterranean bath from ancient greece.

  • Stunning result in the toughest of situations.

  • ABT

    from the interior the wings aren't nearly as bothersome

  • alex

    It will look even better in a few years when the armbands are removed. The training pool is a surprise, good work!

  • Great diving boards!

  • Oh, please, Zaha, come to Lyons! In a few years there will be a dance theatre to design in a brand new district!

  • salem

    very impressive. and i am sure will watch it during the Olympics and will member Zuha Hadid

  • Ariel Fernandez

    Hadid's feet on the ground!! Nice!

  • Georg

    Finally a building where Hadid´s shapes and the function are extremely well connected.

  • Nicolike

    Que cielo raso tan bien logrado. ¡¡¡¡
    Las torres de clavados son espectaculares.

  • PHil G

    Probably one of her best projects yet (once those huge wings are removed). Has a hint of Eero Saarinen's TWA terminal.. hmm, but that nearly 50 years old now. Maybe its a timeless classic in the making :)

  • Maybe visually it's less impressive than her latest Opera Theater in Shenzhen, China… or even Maxxi museum in Rome. But it's visually only.
    This project looks much deeper… more solid, more mature. Especially given the budget issues and strict programmatic limitations. Love it.
    Zaha just getting better and better. Like good French (or should I say English?) wine…

    • Billy

      The Opera House is in Guangzhou :)

  • tom finch

    The budget issues? Was the budget not completely blown

  • Gul

    floating Architecture

  • Narendra

    Testimony to the dance of form and function expressed through purity of elements

  • To be fair, the photos of this are exponentially better than anything I've ever seen of Maxxi or Guangzhou. I'd be curious to see how the images compare when the photographer is consistent throughout.

  • Irit

    Giant, really beautiful! each new project even better

  • Max

    After having seen Beijing's water cube inside, with all its sad bubble wrap plastic pillows in a state of decay, this looks like a water and concrete cathedral, worthy of eternal life. No architecture that falls into pieces after just three years can claim to be sustainable, despite all its rainwater-collecting double layer space-frame façade.

    This building (from the pictures) shows that architecture based on the three core elements (firmitas, utilitas, venustas, with an excess of the latter) is enough to remain optimistic about the future of mankind. When seeing this, who is missing the empty words of over-ambitious architects?

    @Albert: The Opera House is in Guangzhou and the lack of construction quality really brings the building down. If it is like that from the beginning, how badly will it age? Buildings should not be designed only to look good in photos (or renderings).

  • BigDaddyG

    The diving boards are a delightful purist expression of structural load, reminiscent of Oscar Niemeyer, or Frei Otto.
    The fact that she has allowed the pool to be a complete rectangle rather than a contorted, withered squiggle, like an old mans tadger, as I’m sure she would have preferred it to be, goes to show she is starting to understand a little bit about architecture.
    I just hope they get Vicky pollard to open the place with a dive bomb from the top board. Booooom!

  • J-Daddy

    Normally I hate Hadid's work – but these interiors are amazing (pity about the circular cut outs in the ceiling for the lights above the main space). The leaf cuts in the training pool work so much better.

    That concrete is just amazing! The form of the diving boards, stunning! Even the undulating ceiling ties together beautifully. Internally this building is a delight. Not quite there externally – if Hadid keeps this up, I might just start liking her work – there I said it!

  • Sam F. Secretario

    Absolutely magnificent! Zaha, when are you going to do something in New York City? PLEASE!

  • Like the diving boards a lot, though I suspect they are inspired by pillar taps over a basin.

  • Shinzyus

    Awesome work. I cannot but agree with max. I would love to see it live. It is important for many architects to realise that there is a big gulf between what is drawn, rendered and the finally built. Thumbs up to you Zaha. I my part of the world (Lagos, Nigeria), we cannot afford this adventure.

  • Shinzyus

    Hey, What does it look like on the outside? Lets have a few shots. Remember, the first contact is with the outer leaf.
    I hope it is as inviting as the inside is. It is a real beau.

  • Biggy

    so…the people on the higher seats just see the rows in front of them and the athletes in the water pool, thats it??? how can u experience the vibe of a full packed stadium and experience the fascination of it when your view is that limited….sorry Zaha but….FAILED!!!

  • zeca franco

    and what about the outside?

  • aliwelch

    The diving boards feel simultaneously Soviet and decadent – quite an achievement. However, the rest of the complex is unremarkable.

    Of course, the real experience will come when the pool is filled with the cacophony of fans (less so those on corporate junkets).