Zmianatematu by xm3


Zmianatematu by xm3

The timber stalactites of an undulating cave-like ceiling bear down around the bar of a coffee shop in Łódź, Poland.

Zmianatematu by xm3

Light bulbs dangle from between the curved plywood ribs of the Zmianatematu cafe, which was designed by Polish architects xm3.

Zmianatematu by xm3

Shelves are slotted between ridges in the wall, behind a bar that is also made from the ribbed timber.

Zmianatematu by xm3

Patches of plaster are visible on walls, which are intentionally left unfinished. See our archive feature on unfinished interiors here.

Zmianatematu by xm3

Planes of glass atop wavy plywood grids provide coffee tables.

Zmianatematu by xm3

Other interiors on Dezeen featuring slatted timber ceilings include a restaurant with a fanning tree-like canopy and a ski resort cafe with timber lattice partitions.

Zmianatematu by xm3

Photography is by Paulina Sasinowska.

Zmianatematu by xm3

Here are some more details from xm3:

Restaurant: "zmianatematu.”, Piotrkowska 144, Łódź

The city of Łódź located in the centre of Poland is one of three biggest cities in the country. Before the II World War a highly prospering city with lots of industries, now is troubled with poverty and social problems. Although it has high aspirations to be a cultural oriented city of artist and students. Aiming to be a design, fashion and film capital of the country, it acquires the concern from many great architects and artists who are willing to create concept designs for a delayed rebirth of the city i.e.: Daniel Libeskind, Frank Ghery, David Lynch to name a few.

Zmianatematu by xm3

The restaurant is located in the very centre of Łódź - on the most important street in the city - Piotrkowska. The street - once a symbol of wealth of the one of the richest cities in this region of Europe is now an axis of mostly poor and degenerated district with monumental architecture from before the II World War.

Zmianatematu by xm3

With a very small budget we created an outstanding space to host the artistic and culture parties for the creative youth of the city. The owners of the restaurant want to propose a space for happenings, art-exhibitions, and various art-oriented venues.

Zmianatematu by xm3

As young architects from the Capital City Warsaw with the local Łódź art-oriented youth investors we tried to aim at city's condition and aspirations and create a reminiscent of the cutting-edge environment which has a connection with the city identity. The city's name translates literally as "a Boat". Inspired by a Boston BanQ restaurant we tried to create a blobish form similar to the boat roof form which eats in the old monument-building's space.

Zmianatematu by xm3

The building itself dates to the end of XIX century. The elevation is a typical Neo-classical style. During the years the ground floor has changed function several times. Now being empty and unfinished the inside offered us the space to take and adjust. We decided to leave it as raw as it was possible. The proposal was to make the floor from the epoxy mass, leave the walls in raw roughcast and take the electrical installation out and leave it on the walls covered in steel, black tubes.

Zmianatematu by xm3

The only element added is this alien form, a "hub" that creeps to the volume from the inside of the building, which then creates the bar and divides the space in to several functional areas.

Zmianatematu by xm3

We can also see another division. This what is new and touches with the recently renovated external elevation of the building (the outside classical world) is new and white. The internal: dividing and construction walls as well as ceiling are in raw roughcast.

Zmianatematu by xm3

The "hub" itself is cnc cut plywood. It is designed by sectioning the form, generated by adjusting to the space and to all installations hidden by it. The sectioning and preparing for fabrication was done in Rhino/Grasshopper software. During the prototyping phase we decided to do some additional furniture for the restaurant as the mock-up for the real structure.

Zmianatematu by xm3

The furniture designed for the interior are the coffee tables, made of sectioned grid plywood and the bench which morphs from the bar counter.

Zmianatematu by xm3

Author: xm3
Project team: Maciej Kurkowski, Julian Nieciecki, Mateusz Wójcicki

Zmianatematu by xm3

Location: Łódź, Poland
Client: Eudezet S.C.
Total Area: 104 m2
Usable Area: 62 m2
Volume: 369 m3
Design: 2010
Construction: 2011

  • BBB

    very similar concept to office DA's one:

    i like the chair and table elements.

  • Satish

    Ever heard of Office dA's BANQ project….!!! Well! Some of the projects does keep an ambiguity between copying and inspiration.. at least this one is much clear about that.

  • armand

    Check BANQ Boston…

  • chris

    this has already been done by a boston firm.

  • Probably a nightmare to keep cLean but it certainly has the “wow!” factor. Wonderful!

  • TMS

    At least they cite their sources of "inspiration" (banq)… its a pretty fearless imitation in my opinion though. Even the proportion of the roof striation is similar.

  • dips

    A mini (cheaper) version of Banq restaurant in Boston by Office dA.
    They picked a nice project to copy and copied it well (in a good way).

  • H-J

    Love that table.

  • Jenn

    ummmmmmmm…need to check out office dA….
    too similar to say inspiration..

  • JD-Chung

    copy cat copy cat copy cat, no pride whatsoever in design? HELLO?

  • zee

    to waste so much plywood … (sigh) … AGAIN … (sigh)

  • asd
  • mks

    Despite the big gestures, the table steals the show

  • architect

    What about copyright? You can't SELL the same and call it INSPIRATION.

    This is just coping other's ideas and in law it is punished.

    When will some architects start to understand this?

    • a rchitect

      everything is a copy of another since the pyramids anyway.. i betcha someone else on the planet tot of the idea before office dA did.. just happens they are not famous or what not..

  • amisal

    very nice cafe, its very friendly to the customer!

  • Megan

    Koichi Takada did this in a restaurant in Sydney

  • Seb

    This is really copying at its worst. A lot of the formal work in the Office dA project was dealing with mechanical and sprinkler systems within the ceiling. This project just took the general aesthetic without understanding it conceptually, said they wanted to build a boat, but add nothing to the underlying ideas or even the mode on construction. Office dA also copies a lot of their work from others, but at least they labor to bring something new to their points of reference and push the ideas further.

  • John

    if more people copied good projects it wouldn't be a bad world to live in…

  • dave

    This one's a lot like Banq but there's a Deli project in Mumbai that as well ,

  • xtiaan

    to everyone moaning about it being a copy, its sliceforms, these have been around for years, its like saying anyone making a shiny blob is copying hadid.

    • DCL

      You mean Ghery… oh, they all copy eachother…

  • seen a lot of projects with morphed plywood slabs as centre of attention of the interior, but i still like this one. It may be "inspired" by others, maybe even "copied", but nevertheless they did it in a very good way.

  • mgws

    if this is a copy than this one is pretty and the originals are ugly. but I would call cutting the blob in slices is already a style, like gothic and so should be applied

  • I would have played with slightly different colors for the sliceforms

  • brian

    Yep, it's been done before. Many times. But who cares, besides Dezeen commenters (god's design police)? I'm sure none of the Poles who frequent this cafe have ever been to or heard of Banq. For them it's a cool spot to hang out- and isn't that what designing a bar is about? Or is it about reinventing the wheel just to impress a few lonely geeks on the interweb? Banq wasn't the first place to employ this treatment either, by the way. Just like the Roman Colosseum wasn't the first of it's kind. Nothing original has ever been or will ever be done, certainly not by me or any of you. Nearly every post I read on this blog is riddled with comments pointing out that it has been done before. And yet you all continue to point out the same obvious thing as if 50 other people haven't already pointed it out. How original.

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    Koichi Takada did this in a restaurant in Sydney? haha he also made a copy of office da

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    very obvious!!! check this out!

  • Reminds me of a post I did a while ago:

  • daniel p
  • Give them a break! It's a very poor city trying to get back on its feet. Also copying is the sincerest form of flattery looks and I think it lookswonderful.