Bachag by Joongho Choi


Bachag by Joongho Choi

Korean designer Joongho Choi designed this chair to be carried over one shoulder like a handbag.

Bachag by Joongho Choi

The curved wooden shell features a luggage-like 'strap' between the seat and backrest.

Bachag by Joongho Choi

Obviously the protruding legs make this a particularly dangerous way to transport a chair and Joongho Choi says he simply meant to fuse furniture with fashion details.

Bachag by Joongho Choi

Called Bachag, the design is in production with Boheumg Furniture.

Bachag by Joongho Choi

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Bachag by Joongho Choi

Here are some more details from the designer:

Bachag Chair

Bachag was a part of iDEALGRAPHY project, 2010, to create mix & match style within furnitures and fashion.

It was aimed to show the contrastive image in between much different expressions.

It was designed to express structures, usability and looks of bags and to provide comfort and unity when it is sit as if one is wearing bags.

Material: Wood, Aluminum
Manufacture: Boheumg Furniture

  • don't know about carrying it over, but I like!! ;)

  • tim

    thats one in the eye for any designers following him…or any pedestrian, school child etc

  • Ephram Brown

    This idea looks more accidental than intentional to me. It's like he is done with the finished product, and suddenly realized oh I can carry this chair like a bag. Doesnt work at all, as mentioned the protruding legs are ridiculously awkward way of carrying this around (might makes more sense if the legs are retractable). Isnt it easier to just carry it the usual way eg. lifting it? Another typical example of creating a solution for a problem that does not exist!

    • vitaliy

      completely agree!

  • 1plus2minus3

    Funny….non-sense furniture.

  • sadsad

    neck breaking is possible :)

  • David Lomax

    'Korean designer Joongho Choi designed this chair to be carried over one shoulder like a handbag.'


  • I'm sorry, but this looks bleedin' lethal! I imagine impaled students around campus. Great on public transport on the way for a sit down at the park where one may be able to partake in some chair spear fishing. Whats wrong with the good old kipper tie/shooting stick? It seems to be a solution which ignores the premise of the brief and ends up with A. a chair and B. a weapon

  • tommi

    Im designing a chair carries me lika bag ~

  • paul

    I find the model way more interesting then the chair and much better proportioned.

    • nicey

      agreed; carry her off over my shoulder anytime, and damn the risk :-)

      sorry;…… i'll get my coat.

  • edward

    Nice looking chair tho' the designer lost me with the remark about fashion and carrying the chair. Obviously Mr. Choi is keen on fashion with his cool L.L. Bean ensemble.

  • It's so functional that he looks like he's got a bad neck in the picture.

  • thomas

    Whenever I see this kind of 'design', a chair that can be carried over the shoulder, I ask myself why for heaven's sake.
    Lectus Office in Sweden has a very nice and foldable stool that one can carry over the shoulder.

  • James

    I like this chair. Though the idea of carrying seems bit weird, but I find its structure is way more interesting. Color variation looks good, too.

  • I demand a test trial at a Seoul subway station :P

  • absurdly aesthetic

  • Tal

    This chair is like wearing your high untied shoes over your pants – pure exhibitionism.

  • artaya9999

    Idea is great, i think author just designed chair and then was thinking about other functions. Do not critisice him, he is a young student. As i am a young student i say mark (1-10) 5- for colours and nice design.

    I have another thoughts in my mind.. Maybe somebody force him to show a chair in this position, maybe it is not his idea.

    • return to sender

      for a young student, his portfolio is very impressive. have a look at his website

    • hcb

      He is not a young student, look at his website. He runs a designoffice, with a quite vast portfolio.

  • john jon

    would be best if can fold them legs or everything else

  • xtiaan

    has anyone in the entire history of chairdom had to carry one so far it has to be slung over ones shoulder? If it gets to that point you call the "furniture removal men" and they take it from A to B without taking anyones eye out with crazy legs sticking outta yr back

  • Michael

    YOu sure need that kind of boots to carry a chair like that!

  • I have a table I can wear as a hat.

  • Carrying it like a bag? Anything can be carried "like a bag" if it's got a hole big enough for your arm and head. Seems more like an afterthought as there are no design elements in this chair that make it remotely pleasing to carry. Good chair, awful bag.

  • If he had made the legs so the could piviot down, and the chair back so it could piviot up, he could have had his chair bag for what ever reason he wanted it.

  • Yyyyeah… not sure I'm feeling the whole put-your-arm-through-this-hole-tada thing. I like his boots though.

  • 8mismo

    Does it even stack? No? Pshaw…