Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & de Meuron


Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & de Meuron

Portuguese photographer José Campos has sent us these photos of Herzog & de Meuron’s Elbphilharmonie concert hall, which is currently under construction in Hamburg and due for completion in 2013.

Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & de Meuron

The building will comprise a new glass structure atop an existing brick warehouse built in 1963 by Hamburg architect Werner Kallmorgen.

Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & de Meuron

The building will comprise three concert halls, a hotel, apartments, and a public square elevated 37 metres above the adjacent river Elbe.

Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & de Meuron

Once open, the main auditorium at the heart of the building will accommodate over 2000 spectators.

Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & de Meuron

We published visualisations of the Swiss architects' proposals on Dezeen last year - see our early story here.

Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & de Meuron

Other projects by Herzog & de Meuron on Dezeen include a furniture showroom composed of five barn-like blocks and the proposed extension to London's Tate Modern art gallery - see all our stories about Herzog & de Meuron here.

Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & de Meuron

See more photography on Dezeen by José Campos here.

Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & de Meuron

  • H-J

    So far for me it doesn't seem to live up to its expectations but hopefully I am wrong…

  • Shmuck

    One of the great mystories of our time. Can Herzog & De Meuron do a bad building?

    • Nuno

      Yes they can… what is this????

    • alechs

      Yeah, the Forum building in Barcelona: purple stuccoed cheese.

      • Tbone

        Couldnt agree more! Like most great International architects who build in Barcelona, H and M missed a trick at the Forum building…as did Rogers, Chipperfield, Toyo Ito and unortunately various others

  • warquitectos

    so different from de 3d ima

  • amal

    The glass structure addition which top's a brick warehouse will draw a time division line not only between different materials but between two types and styles of architecture. Nonetheless, different functions that suits today’s needs in terms of the economy, the socialism and the tourism of this time.

  • Jan Kooi
  • Incredible. I look forward to seeing some interiors updates.

  • steef


    I'm not easily impressed, but this one is a monster.
    Can't wait for further updates..

  • Peter

    I think Dezeen should have mentioned the interesting cost increase of the building from 77 Million Euros in the first calculations to now almost 500 Million Euro. I think this price level for such a relatively small building with limited usability is obscene, no matter how landmark-ish it will (hopefully) be.

  • muddy

    apart from the cost ………. it is a very narrow building, we'll see how it suits its purpose i suppose; if it works and the sound is good in the halls maybe the main thing?

    • guy from hamburg

      it's absolutely not narrow, I'm here in Hamburg and I can tell you it has a really "fat ass" ;) it's triangular and mr.campos did a graet job with the photos [and the beautiful autumn light]
      A lot of people are quite dissapointed about the facade which lost a lot of its elegance and lightness since the first images, maybe because of this very smallscale wavy windows.
      Despite from this I'm surprised from how far you can see this building, it serves its purpose as landmark quite a lot

  • Max Kor

    "completion in 2013" sounds wonderful. Unfortunately it is now official that the building will not be finished before spring 2014. Not to mention the amazing rise of cost.

  • yes, I'm awaiting interior's overview too….

  • Schlubbibubbi

    as with everything still beeing built.
    I will wait till it is finished before I judge.

  • tom ford

    Here is what happens to a famous firm post Pritzker – the H & deM mega brand no longer delivers anything we can love.

  • Jez

    a bit too close to the CAIXA in Madrid…

  • Anti-negative

    You all sound like you know it all, have achieved, have built, but you are nothing more than critical wimps. I urge you to show us what buildings if any you have designed and completed yourselves. It's so easy to pass comment on someones work when you have no idea what blood sweat and tears went into creating it. I bet not one of you will post anything for us to critique of yours, because it will be nothing more than a creation of the company you work for.

  • zeca franco

    much ado about nothing.