Inside award winner: Bar Code Office
by Ministry of Design


Bar Code Office

Inside 2011: Bar Code Office by Singapore studio Ministry of Design has just been announced as the winner of the offices category at the inaugural Inside awards in Barcelona.

Bar Code Office by Ministry of Design

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Bar Code Office by Ministry of Design

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Bar Code Office by Ministry of Design

Inside world festival of interiors is taking place on the third floor of the Centro de Convenciones Internacionales de Barcelona until 4 November – see all our stories about Inside here, including interviews with the judges on Dezeen Screen.

Bar Code Office by Ministry of Design

  • Those designs are beautiful, almost too beautiful for office space, haha.
    I think a well designed work place inspires you and also creates a good atmosphere as architecture can influence people's state of mind much more than some expect.

  • Richard Sate

    not sure why this even won, there is not much creativity about the organisation of spaces. Do we live in graphics?

    • Yasmine

      The graphics are not predominant in this project, actually they are really few.
      It's look more like a "plain" space.
      Design is not always about what you see in the first place. Thinking that one need to add plenty of "decoration effects" to show some kind of "creative" skills is a wrong idea.
      Design is deeper than that. It's before all creating emotions with volumes and light intensity (high or low) mainly, and sometimes with thrift, textures and color.
      A good project is a space that plays with your mind and leave space to your imagination too, which is the case here.