Kirk Kapital A/S headquarters by Olafur Eliasson


Kirk Kapital headquarters by Olafur Eliasson

Artist Olafur Eliasson has designed fort-like headquarters to rise out of the sea for a Danish investment company.

Kirk Kapital headquarters by Olafur Eliasson

Located in the harbour-side town of Vejle, the building will have a curved brick facade with sliced oval recesses. It will be accessed from the marina via a new footbridge.

Kirk Kapital headquarters by Olafur Eliasson

Kirk Kapital A/S’s offices will occupy the upper floors of the building, while a publically accessible cafe and gallery will be situated on the ground floor.

Kirk Kapital A/S Headquarters by Olafur Eliasson

Studio Olafur Eliasson is also collaborating with architects Lundgaard & Tranberg and landscape architects Vogt on a masterplan for the entire marina, which will be complete by 2016.

Kirk Kapital headquarters by Olafur Eliasson

Other Danish projects we've recently featured include former shipbuilding warehouses converted into a cultural centre and some harbour-side housing blocks - you can see more projects from Denmark here.

Here's some more text from Kirk Kapital A/S:

Plans unveiled for the new KIRK KAPITAL A/S headquarters in Denmark, designed by Olafur Eliasson

Ambitious plans were unveiled today for a new development for Vejle Harbour in Denmark. The development consists of:

· The new headquarters for KIRK KAPITAL A/S, designed by Olafur Eliasson
· A new island, Harbour Island, with twelve buildings for housing and commercial use
· A new marina by Vejle Municipality

The masterplan proposal for Harbour Island in Vejle has been developed in a collaboration between Studio Olafur Eliasson, Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter and Vogt Landscape Architects, based on plans conceived by Vejle Municipality to create an active connection between the city centre of Vejle and Vejle Fjord.

The new KIRK KAPITAL A/S headquarters are placed in the marina just south of Harbour Island. The building will contain a publicly accessible ground floor with a café and an exhibition space, as well as commercial leases and the headquarters for KIRK KAPITAL A/S on the upper floors. Expected completion date: 2016.

  • edward

    Very reminiscent of Lou Kahn but not so geometric. But access by a foot bridge?
    That raises all sorts of questions re service vehicles.

  • Josh

    Looks like they are taking cues from Kahn's National Assembly Building.

  • Danillo

    reminds me a lot of kahn's bangladesh national parliament in both site and form…

  • The_ Dude

    LK was more original indeed… Shame, this looks like the Dali version

  • shady sydes

    agreed. kahn's national assembly building in Dacca is obviously the point of reference.

  • lisko

    a weird mix between Kahn and Gaudi :)

  • kms

    if this is Eliasson's studio's entry into architecture fully its a little disappointing considering the quality of his studio's art. I understand the kahn reference but in brick it looks like a mediocre safdie building. I also think they are going to have problems running the brick straight into the water like that no? Kahns parliament is interesting to me at least because of their massive scale and primitive geometry and construction, of which this building has neither.

  • Esteban

    A bad copie of Kahn's master piece. This is the proof that artist are not architects.

  • definitley reminiscent of Kahn. good reinterpretation and nice use of materials.

  • Spoon Full of Sugar

    In this case Eliason reveals how poorly trained he his. Wisdom is knowing what to do, skill is knowing how to do it. Clearly, neither is presented.
    This is thoughtless. It takes about 30 minutes to make such a 3d model. He's obviously letting the tool do the work (or hired tool…[boolean] subtract).
    Eliason's work reminds typically reminds me of children's visual effects books scaled up. Thats usually where it starts to get complex and one can learn to understand him.
    But making a thousand of one thing, making one thing really huge, spending a day with a 3d modeling programmer, an ARTIST DOES NOT MAKE.
    I cant wait for the next obvious and certainly necessary cliche, where the artist "teams up" with an architect. Good thing the client is in finance as this sham will unsurprisingly require a lot of that.

  • Pierre Sinsua

    the highlight are those very very nice curves and pattern complimented by a slight elevation of the 1st floor. it expressed the building from water better. the details are very nice, in curve line that host the window that runs to a circle on the roof…mocking any basic thought accusations

  • Paul

    I do understand the Kahn reference but I think you can't always claim who copied whom. It looks much more surreal to me than Kahn's building and the concept is also different. I personally like it.

  • H-J

    I think Eliasson is a great artist.

  • vasi

    even if one can see a reference to LK, is this a copy ? i think no. Both 'land' on water, both use similar use of material, both are inscscribe on basic geometric shapes. But to my view Eliasson, introduces parameters (such as the water surface geometry carving out the platonic shapes, the smooth transition of closed and open surfaces) that leads to something new (in relation to LK reference). Perhaps he was inspired by that building, taking into account particular concepts as initial feed, which evolved, altered, introduced with new characteristics that lead to his proposal.

  • Harsh criticism. Louis Kahn had no qualms about borrowing from historical sources, be they Scottish castles or Pennsylvanian factories.

  • Ben Dover

    I think Eliasson should stick to being an artist and let the dirty work of applied design to architects. Sorry mr. Eliasson.

  • Apple

    Easy now people!

    Considering the amount of boring predictable projects around we should appreciate their efforts to make something out of the ordinary. It's refreshing to see something that will actually require real craftmansship during construction.

  • Ken

    Louis Kahn to Brick: "Brick, what do you want to be"
    Brick Responds: "Louis, I want to be a computer derived form composed of the boolean subtraction and union of multiple other forms…resembling an arch!"
    Louis Kahn to Brick: "who you calling a boolean?"

  • samuel

    kahn on acid. not good. drugs are bad.

  • dextro

    funny to see artists failing at large scale. same with kapoor's olympic tower mess

  • Looks like all his time was spent on sculpting the exterior form. Interior seems to be boring old layer cake slabs, if there are any great spaces he's not showing any. I guess artists don't worry too much about plans or sections.

    • Fling

      Chris, do visit some of the recent' sensational' buildings by media darling starchitects; WHAT PLAN, WHAT SECTIONS, WHAT DETAILS ….? It's all acrobatic sculpture…… Credit to the engineers only. For that an artist, a sic-fix movie set artist or a creative engineer could come out with a more engaging sculpture.

  • Zino

    Well, I think it's great. Even if the guy is an artist, this is a better building than many architects can muster on their own. Bravo!

  • PeterB

    Rather than a fort, it seems to hark back to the organic shapes of north african mud brick citadels, particularly in that light brown/sandy colour. That is an attractive element.

    Perhaps it is its situation – just being surrounded by a moat, rather than a desert, that suggests a fort-like structure?

  • Fling

    Come on architect, this is no different from architects trying to be artist. Abetted by media & marketing agents of the "sensational/outrage", masquerading as architectural critics/historian, the public is being hustled to accept too many of those One-Liner artistic contrivances at burdening costs.Students of better & avant-garde architectural schools would have gotten a low pass with schemes like the " cantilevering barn" or the "cloud". Perhaps we should pair your headline with; "Architects Ain't Artist" (nor comedians)

  • mia

    What does he think he is? an architect?

  • John Holmes

    It appears to me that there are a lot of insecure architects up in here… This is a beautiful design from what I can make out from the pictures…. But I certainly couldn't judge, yet alone slate the design until I had visited the place. It looks abit like Louis Kahns work… So what… Look at all the design which rely on hooks and on the spectacular, ala liebskind Hadid Gehry etc. I bet you just lap them up… Sheep.