Architecting the Future
at Miami Design District


Norman Foster discusses the significance of two of Buckminster Fuller's most iconic designs in this movie filmed at the Architecting the Future: Buckminster Fuller & Lord Norman Foster exhibition in the Miami Design District. His consideration of the Fly's Eye Dome and the Dymaxion car leads to a description of Fuller's architectural relevance in today's society.

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Photography by Nigel Young, courtesy of Dacra.

  • Eva

    The movie is not that much a scientific one, but rather a Norman Foster’s promotional documentary. It is part of the activities carried out by the comercial he runs in Spain. They hire a number of former schollars like Luis Fernandez Galiano or Deyan Sudjic to create an academical illusion. There is a lot to learn from Mr. Foster as a bussinesman.

  • Panulli

    I didn't know the Dymaxion Car before. It looks so ugly but lovely at the same time. Pity there's only one prototype that has survived.

  • edward

    Good ole Bucky. None of his inventions were of any use, even his geodesic dome for homes was rejected by the hippies as wasteful of space because of the low ceiling at the perimeter too much space was unusable. He was a great self publicist though. Too bad he didn't have any good ideas.