Bird Series by Kobi Levi


More shoes by Kobi Levi

Dezeen in Israel: these high-heeled shoes disguised as birds are by designer Kobi Levi, whose footwear resembling inflatable sex dolls caused a stir amongst our readers back in November.

More shoes by Kobi Levi

The Bird Series features toucans, swans and mallard ducks.

More shoes by Kobi Levi

The beaks form the heels, while the fronts of the shoes are shaped into wings.

More shoes by Kobi Levi

If you've got a thing for strange shoes, you can see more pairs here.

More shoes by Kobi Levi

Here's some more text from Kobi Levi:

Bird Series

While standing in line to enter a museum in Holland, Kobi noticed a bird flying. This sight inspired him to incorporate the fascinating shapes and colors of bird into shoe design.

More shoes by Kobi Levi

The research in this area proved so fruitful that Kobi was reluctant to choose only one bird, and decided to make a series of 3 designs.

More shoes by Kobi Levi

The basic shape of the bird, which shows the upper as a body/wings and the heel as a beak, can be implemented to numerous birds, each with her own "styling".

More shoes by Kobi Levi

The Mallard duck, Toucan and Swan were chosen due to their unique color combinations and typical, recognizable shapes.

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    Hi Dezzen Team, there is a fault in the start image link

    • Thanks, we've fixed that now!

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    good idea, but too literal.

  • Well, I really like these. They are certainly more appealing than the other ones fashioned after certain nether regions ;)

    PS: Happy new year, Dezeen!

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    Where were the second pair when Björk needed them?

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    I like the last one. Mallard duck?

  • toucans is my favorit

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    I want mallard duck. Where can I find?