Capital headphones by KiBiSi for AIAIAI


Capital headphones by KiBiSi for AIAIAI

Copenhagen designers KiBiSi designed these headphones to withstand being worn in the rain and snow.

Capital headphones by KiBiSi for AIAIAI

Called Capital, the headphones for AIAIAI are intended for everyday urban use; they're foldable, durable and have a three-button control and microphone in the cord for adjusting music play and answering calls.

Capital headphones by KiBiSi for AIAIAI

KiBiSi have previously designed professional headphones for AIAIAI and KiBiSi members Kilo Design created another, lighter set with interchangeable parts in 2009.

Capital headphones by KiBiSi for AIAIAI

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Capital headphones by KiBiSi for AIAIAI

Here are some more details from AIAIAI:

Capital is the new extremely durable, foldable and flexible headphone from AIAIAI, that seeks to provide the on-the-go urbanite with the opportunity to listen to his or her preferred sounds in any kinds of weather at all times - while wearing a design that’s effortlessly iconic, thoroughly realised, and comfortable.

Capital headphones by KiBiSi for AIAIAI

It’s a project that speaks to the inhabitants of the world’s major cities as it gives them a safeguard, of sorts; a kind of meticulously crafted, last line of resistance against the myriad of overpowering sights, sounds and rapidly changing environments of the city.

Capital headphones by KiBiSi for AIAIAI


Reinforced fiberglass housing for increased durability
Lightweight rubber brace for listening comfort and secure fit
Inline 3-button microphone for play/pause/scrolling and answering calls
Weather proof - Rain & Snow resistant IEC529 Standard - IP-4

Capital headphones by KiBiSi for AIAIAI


Housing/Sliderarms: PA 6 fiberglass reinforced polyamide - EDM finish
Material Cushions: strechable EVA foam

Technical specs

Driver Unit Size 40 mm
Plug Angled Stereo Plug 3.5 mm
Speaker Impedance 32 Ohm
Speaker Sensitivity 112 +/- 3dB
Maximum Power Input 40 mW
Frequency Response TBD
Microphone Sensitivity -42 +/- 3dB
Microphone Directivity Omni-directional
Designed in Denmark by KiBiSi
Assembled in China for AIAIAI

  • These are sharp! KiBiSi always have great ideas.

  • bruce

    yup, these are very nice.

  • tony

    welcome back memphis

  • panulli

    Maybe it's just me, but I think that the most important thing about audio equipment is still it's sound quality and not it's design. No doubt: The design in this case is really well done. Hopefully they sound as great as they look.

  • At last some one has thought about the wire! Even if you are the neatest person in the world it ends up getting tangled up.

    Nice one KiBiSi… Now how do these sound?


  • tavi

    good strong and bold design, but useless for the intented purpose..i wouldn't wear them with the head uncovered on stormy, rainy or snowy weather…

    • tavodu

      I live in a place where it snows several months of the year, really cold, but a beanie is still enough for the head. I walk to school everyday, which means these headphones would not be useless whatsoever. It would be nice to stop worrying since every time time it starts snowing; I have to put my Klipsch headphones away.

  • Paul Rodgers

    Like other Kibisi projects, these headphones looks sketchy and unfinished, actually resembling an average student project more than a professional piece of design. It’s evident that they in this project have mixed “inspirations” from a lot of different sources, and it gives the endresult a very non-convincing appearence. Not good enough for a designoffice including the name of Jens Martin Skibssted.

  • 32 ohm olmasa süper ötesi bir kulaklık!