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KiBiSi introduces lightweight OKO electric bicycle for Biomega

Copenhagen company Biomega is launching a lightweight electric bicycle by KiBiSi, the Danish design supergroup co-founded by architect Bjarke Ingels (+ slideshow).

OKO by KiBiSi for Biomega

Designed for city cyclists who want to use bikes for their commute but arrive at their destinations sweat-free, the OKO includes an electric-assist motor to provide extra pedal power for riding uphill and covering longer distances. The 2500-Watt motor can travel up to 25 miles (40 kilometres) between charges.


The bike features a lightweight carbon frame with integrated fenders, an aluminum handlebar and stem, and weighs about 40 pounds (18 kilograms), which is uncommonly light for an electric bike.


The electric power bank is located in the center cross bar to distribute its weight evenly and make riding OKO feel more like travelling on a conventional bike.

The design also features integrated front and rear mudguards. It is available in three sizes, in either eight or eleven gear speeds.


KiBiSi was set up by architect Bjarke Ingels, industrial designer Lars Larsen and design entrepreneur and Biomega founder Jens Martin Skibsted.

The design group sees the OKO as an extension of its NYC bike as well as Biomega's SYD bike by Marc Newson.


"This is by far the most ambitious urban mobility project Biomega has undertaken to-date, eclipsing even the original Marc Newson bicycle," said Skibsted. "This is truly an expression of Biomega's ethos, where cutting-edge commuter technology meets high level design."


"I hope savvy commuters will indulge and travel even further every day with a sense of tranquility and comfort," he added.


Biomega's products are targeted at urban cyclists and its range includes bikes by Ross Lovegrove, Puma and others. In 2014, the brand worked with KiBiSi to introduce a cargo bike with a trough for carrying goods.


KiBiSi has also designed watches, pendent lamps, an office chair, stone candleholders, bicycle lights and many other products.