An Urban Refuge by Sergi Pons


An Urban Refuge by Sergi Pons

A room dedicated to ironing is at the centre of a renovated Barcelona apartment with yellow doors and a spinning mirror.

An Urban Refuge by Sergi Pons

Architect Sergi Pons claims that the owner spends a lot of time ironing, so created a large aperture facing out from the laundry area into an open-plan living and dining room.

An Urban Refuge by Sergi Pons

The spinning mirror is positioned on a low partition in the bedroom, separating the bed from the yellow doors and screens that conceal the bathroom behind.

An Urban Refuge by Sergi Pons

The city centre apartment, named An Urban Refuge, also features pine floors and surfaces in each room.

An Urban Refuge by Sergi Pons

We've featured a few projects in recent months with bright yellow walls and details - see our stories about a yellow concrete gymnasium, an apartment with a yellow storage wall and a canteen with a yellow-spotted ceiling.

An Urban Refuge by Sergi Pons

Photography is by Adrià Goula.

Here's some more text from Sergi Pons:

An Urban Refuge

This project sets out to alter and improve an apartment situated facing away from the road in a 1980’s building on carrer Casanova, on the left side of the Eixample in Barcelona. In defining the new use of space in accordance with the client’s needs, attention has been given to maximising the entry of daylight and the visual interrelationships between the different parts of the house, each with its own identity.

An Urban Refuge by Sergi Pons

The aim is to give the occupant a permanent awareness of the entire space from each part of the house. The visual space flows in the same way as does the layout.The heart of the house is the ironing area where the owner spends a lot of time. An effort has been made to freeze this moment of intimacy and to use a large window to frame an undervalued yet daily activity.

An Urban Refuge by Sergi Pons

Pine is used for the floors and some of the walls, and the colour yellow for the movable objects.The clean, well-defined design is intended to work without ornamentation. The functional objects, such as folding tables, hangers, portable mirrors, etc. give the space life, meaning and a sense of domesticity. These objects are the decor of the space.

An Urban Refuge by Sergi Pons

Architect: Sergi Pons
Collaborators: Anna Giralt
Situation: Barcelona, Spain
Project year: 2011

  • steef

    Table top the same material as the floor is never a good idea. For the rest, i don't see anything special that justifies this project to be published.

    • mic

      why is table top and floor same material not a good idea? tnx.

  • Lydia Lapwing

    What a waste of time – in another article is rambled on about the undervalued task of ironing every day.

    Most people keep their ironing out of sight.

    ( I send mine out to be done).

    And who irons every day ?

    It all sounds dreadfully OCD to me.

    • ignaciodiazmaroto

      ugh lower castes and their domestic chores. i pitty them…

      ARE YOU TROLLING? people that dont have the money? or a cleaners close by? Half the world? Maybe not everyday but 2 times a week atleast. And its not OCD to enjoy the little things in life. Domestic chores are nothing to be ashamed of. Undervaluing them just means making life more annoying. Having to 'hide my stuff' in the balcony means I spend ages trying to get things started and its all a mess.

      This house seems heaven for living .. its a house. A machine to be used and lived and enjoyed. Not just something to 'look good' and display to your friends to promote your social status

    • peter

      sense of humor…. also waste of time?

  • Sally

    I really like the pine expances they break up the white and add an honest feeling to the minimal look.

  • edward

    Haven't they heard of permanent press in Espana? Notwithstanding, love the white/blond wood/yellow combo.

  • douglas

    'A machine to be used'

    is the most presumptuous and misanthropic ideology ever inflicted on the world by an architect. Millions of homes around the world testify to the fact that homes are so very much more than 'machines'. Human beings love to decorate dwelings (and sometimes this strays into the realms of exhibitionism) – get over it.

  • gurb5

    i love table top and floor being same surface