Breeze by HawaSoo


Breeze by HawaSoo

Seoul designers HawaSoo have designed a clothes rail, a lamp and a stool that are styled like components of a bicycle.

Breeze by HawaSoo

Called Breeze, the collection features a lamp with a long pole and handlebar-like supports to lean against the wall, a red stool with one diagonal leg echoing the usual line of a saddle support and a rack for clothes with a wheel at just one end.

Breeze by HawaSoo

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Breeze by HawaSoo

Here are some more details from the designers:

Hi! We are HawaSoo that the project team is composed of 2 designers, SungHa Lee and Minsoo Park, who work in Seoul.

Breeze by HawaSoo

We design what just interest us. So it seems that we are just a bit lazy, but we think design must be fun! Our works are actually interesting, and we are proud of ours.

Breeze by HawaSoo

We love something fun and stories in it. The story we mentioned here is not a simple storyline like a fairy tale. It emerges with users’ experiences when people use the products.

Breeze by HawaSoo

We hope that our design catches people’s interests and they find the hidden wit within the form. And we expect that it is not just a object but it creates a new story to people.

Breeze by HawaSoo

‘breeze’ is a furniture series that is designed with hidden various structures and functions in a bicycle frame. Lighting, hanger, stool have individual functions and systems however they form a look and a bicycle together with each other.

Breeze by HawaSoo

When people use ‘breeze’, they can experience joyful activity from the bicycle. In addition, people will recognize the ‘breeze’ as a great bicycle.

  • Ahsan

    Fun. And what a good-natured bunch of young designers. Keep up the good work…

  • A lamp with handlebars, a coat rack with a bicycle wheel, and a stool. How adventurous. How whimsical. How RIDICULOUS.

    • SDB

      Harsh…but FUNNY.

  • hasso

    think I will ask my year 8’s to improve upon this and they will (year 8’s are 12 years old by the way)this work is a very best an initial starting point, would probably need a years development to make it any good, appalling.

    • Gravy

      Can your Year 8s comment on blogs in proper sentences?

      If it isn't to your taste, fine. Calling any of this "appalling" seems a tad dramatic.

  • NBee

    I like the stool

  • osawa charles

    so, sorry but i have few points to mention.

    If I own a 10K long coat, and if my floors weren’t too clean and since the coat rack is designed to move around…

    my coat would get destroyed.

    The lamp… why is it so huge for such small lighting element?

    It is a fun project but not great.

  • HOME IS…

    I would love to have the bike clothing rack for my store, are they for sale? Please let me know asap!