Making a Silk Screen
by Nina Levett


Austrian designer Nina Levett mixes imagery from punk and pop culture into her designs for textiles, wallpaper and ceramics.

Ornaments and patterns by Nina Levett

Her work includes wallpaper that tells the story of a prostitute who has married a client and had a child but finds herself losing her identity, leather seating that's been hand printed and embossed with images of sperm and cutlery engraved with images taken from the internet.

Ornaments and patterns by Nina Levett

"Hand-drawings, depending on the project, are often the last part of my work process," says Levett.

Ornaments and patterns by Nina Levett

"I feel that they are the most important and direct way to find out what’s on a mind, and I find this process to be very intuitive. It’s like the ideas flow out of my pen or brush and I just have to help it happen."

We've published a series of movies Levett made about her work on Dezeen Screen, in which she engraves metal cutlery, colour-corrects wallpaper and makes a silk screen.

Ornaments and patterns by Nina Levett

Nina Levett's work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna and the Alessi museum in Milan.

Ornaments and patterns by Nina Levett

See our special feature on wallpaper here and all our stories about textiles here.

Ornaments and patterns by Nina Levett

Above: engraving metal. 

Above: colour correcting wallpaper.

  • Paul

    Wow, they are really big!….lol

  • mmmhhh

    was drawing half naked with some upskirt and cleavage part of the marketing plan?

    very clever…

  • ohmygod

    oh my dear…you re soo trashy

  • Benjamin

    That dress is an homage to the Monica Lewinsky affair right?

  • Nina Levett

    It is not my intention to "market" my stuff through nudity or by being artifically trashy. On the contrary my reaction as an artist to how I feel as a "woman-designer" is reflected in these videos. Some of your comments are actually quite offensive.

  • Mister X

    As a man designer, I will hump my next chair project will hammering it roughly.

  • M Tjilp

    So this is what being a "woman-designer" means to you. It seems kind of superficial if being a woman is only about wearing tight skirts and nail polish and going about your craft so clumsily. I just don't believe the designs in the picture were really created the way shown in the video's. So it must be some kind of marketing idea.

  • Lena

    i'll put it this way:
    in my opinion your critical approach is not strong enough to be valid in an art context. whereas your particular designs are apparently not related to your role as woman-designer (again, these are not videos on an art blog). it is totally eligible if some among 'us' do not resemble a stereotypical designer, but looking at your videos considering music, camera-angles and your performance as basic ingredients i am fairly bewildered by what i see. moreover the tutorial-like-content –and i am very sorry to say this– reminds me of one of those commercials they show on small screens at hardware stores. no offense, but i as a woman designer myself feel offended by this.

  • phil

    Triple XXX for designers!
    What a cool idea, you've found a niche, the enterteinment all designer was looking for.
    thank you!!!