Movie: golden spider-silk cape
by Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley

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In this movie from the V&A museum in London, Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley talk about the cape they made by harvesting silk from over a million wild spiders in Madagascar. The silk is naturally golden in colour and the spiders take just a week to replenish their supply once released back into the wild.

The cape is on show at the museum until 5 June 2012. Read more about it in our story on Dezeen.

  • Black Mirror

    I'm sorry… It's a beautiful object… and these guys are obviously intelligent and gentle people…. but… but… and I'm not a vegan… I wear leather shoes…. but… but…. there is something depressing about man exploiting animals… .it's what we do… what we've inherited…. and this is a new form of that….

    The spiders don't want to be 'milked' for their silk. They were quite happy living their lives… in an age where we are trying to limit our dominance over nature… this is a step backwards….it represents all the bear baiting… all the bull fighting… all the cow milking (yes.. I drink milk and I feel guilty about it… it's standard hypocrisy…. )……

    I'm sorry… yes it's beautiful.. .and they have achieved something that people have been trying to do for centuries… but I do see it as evidence of the enslavement of animals…. a trophy of our dominance over animals…. even if they are released into the wild. It's so sad. I'm sorry…. I'm sure they are expecting that kind of comment…

    Sadly they talk romantically about silkworm production in China… do they know how cruel that is?….. The worms are boiled to death while they sleep to harvest their silk!…. Do they really think that if spider silk production was used as anything other than a one off idea, anybody would release the spiders afterwards? No! Obviously they would be milked and milked until they die!…. that's just cruel!… so what is this dress about?!?! Let's just say it's beautiful but totally impratical in terms of economics and bury it into history. Please please please… let's move on from animal enslavement where possible…