Royal Re-Formation
by Factory Fifteen


This fantasy animation from our series by architectural filmakers Factory Fifteen shows a swarm of trolleys, equipment and components associated with British postal service Royal Mail colonising the sides of a building and configuring themselves into a temporary automated sorting office.

Here's some more text from the animators:

Royal Re-Formation

In an age of progressively automated manufacturing and fabrication processes, the Royal Cabinets are an aggressive expression of labor. Assembled from a contractor led design approach, the cabinets draw on highly skilled local craftsmen and artists to produce the fantastical. Staged within the proposed baron 'facadescape' of a financially fragile Canary Wharf, the Cabinets are programmatically charged with the loss of yet another great British labor force, Royal Mail.

Two ideas of labor are therefore existing in parallel. The capitalist driven one that we experience everywhere in the West, and the accomplishment of public service in a building that recounts its essence by its architecture.

  • rob

    I thought this is professional architecture blog showcase, not cgsociety.

    • If something is constructed digitally, does it mean that it is not design? A serious amount of architectural design went into this project. (see link below)

      You don't have to like the design but you cant say that its not architectural design and categorise it as visualisation or simply CG.!

  • you gentlemen, you are just amazing!

  • dwf

    Visually very nice but Paul, architectural design is surely based on practicality, gravity, reality etc?

    I think this is CG and merely a virtual collage

    • Ben

      How about a little peanut butter to go with all that jelly?

  • this is a repository for architectural images with little to no curatorial direction. expecting to be spoon fed anything beyond this is expecting too much. if you'd like to see professional architecture "showcased" and critiqued beyond a few single line comments you should search a little harder.

    a beautiful project

  • Whoa Paul I remember messaging you about your awesome work at CG – and now here you are on Dezeen! Way to go!