Movie: Rem Koolhaas on Garage Centre
for Contemporary Culture by OMA

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Movie: Rem Koolhaas was at the ICA in London this morning to launch OMA's design for the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow. He gave Dezeen a quick introduction to the new gallery, which will be built in Gorky Park in the Russian capital for gallerist Dasha Zukhova.

See our earlier story about Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture here Over on Dezeen Screen you can also watch a series of interviews and tours of the OMA:Progress show at the Barbican last year with OMA partners including Koolhaas, Iyad Alsaka and Reinier de Graaf.

  • Pluk vd Petteflet

    The models look so interesting, I like the “crafty” appearance of them, though I can imagine that it takes ages to make them.

    I also appreciate OMA/Koolhaas’ revival of 1950-1960’s concrete architecture. At present, we dismiss these examples so easily, labelling them “communist”. But we forget that they offered a tremendous opportunity for authorities and architects to be able to house a large number of people cheaply and fast. NOT only in Russia, but all over Europe and as such they are a prime example of affordable, relatively good quality housing examples.

    Not to forget that, to date, we (as architects and urbanists) still haven’t found a better solution than these 1950-1960s examples for saving land and housing people.