Camper Osaka by Nendo


Camper Osaks by Nendo

Japanese designers Nendo have designed a shoe store where the shoes walk around the store on their own.

Camper Osaka by Nendo

Shoes are supported on thin metal rods, giving the appearance that they are walking through the air.

Camper Osaka by Nendo

Designed for Camper and located at the Daimaru Department Store in Osaka, the shop is the latest in an ongoing series of collaborations between the Spanish footwear brand and leading designers.

Camper Osaka by Nendo

Last month, Japanese architect Shigeru Ban completed a Camper store in New York in which all the shoes were hidden away.

Camper Osaka by Nendo

Other recent Camper stores have been designed by Jurgen Bey, Doshi Levien and Tomás Alonso.

Camper Osaka by Nendo

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Camper Osaka by Nendo

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Here's some info from Nendo:

Camper Osaka

We decided that the raison d'être of Camper shoes is neither to help people run more quickly nor to give the wearer recognizable status through 'bling', but simply to help people enjoy walking, so designed a shop interior in which the shoes float in the air, and seem to freely stroll around the shop on their own.

Products displayed on shelves also seem to float on 'footprints' supported by thin pipes that rise from the floor. The angles of the different 'footprints' vary slightly from place to place, so the shoes mounted on them appear to be walking in slow motion. In the Osaka store, shoes lined up in shop fixtures seem to take off from the ground.

  • Anna

    I like. Extremely simple but poetic at the same time…typically Nendo.

  • I think this might kickstart a new trend of displaying moving merchandise (not just shoes) in stores. Super-Cool store design!

    • I actually managed to install a sort of moving carousel (like the ones you find inside a meat-packing industry) in the storefront of a Replay shop at Plaza Santa Fé in Mexico city. I was trying to make a veiled social comment, and oddly enough, the client loved the idea ;)

      They didn't keep the carousel functioning for long, though. Tough project on a shoe-string budget :-/

      And the client… was a major pain in the ass.