Docklands by PearsonLloyd for Bene


Docklands by PearsonLloyd for Bene

Hackney designers PearsonLloyd preview their workstations for office furniture brand Bene at Hackney House in Shoreditch tonight, with music by Dezeen Music Project.

Docklands by PearsonLloyd for Bene

The modular Docklands system creates areas for privacy and concentration in open-plan offices and communal areas.

Docklands by PearsonLloyd for Bene

After tonight's invite-only preview the range will officially be launched at German trade fair Orgatec in October 2012.

Docklands by PearsonLloyd for Bene

Located at 186 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6HU, Hackney House is the east London borough’s temporary cultural and business expo centre during the Olympics and includes interiors by PearsonLloyd.

Hackney House

Above and below: Hackney House

Hackney House will also be the venue for Dezeen's upcoming Designed in Hackney Day on 1 August, a day of design talks, performances and shops featuring the most exciting architects, designers and makers in Hackney. Keep an eye on Dezeen and the Designed In Hackney site for more information.

Hackney House

You can also check out the music we've been featuring on our Dezeen Music Project blog here.

Hackney House

PearsonLloyd are based on Drysdale street in Shoreditch and you can see all of our stories about their work here.

Designed in Hackney map:



Blue = designers
Red = architects
Yellow = brands

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Designed in Hackney is a Dezeen initiative to showcase world-class architecture and design created in the borough, which is one of the five host boroughs for the London 2012 Olympic Games as well as being home to Dezeen’s offices. We’ll publish buildings, interiors and objects that have been designed in Hackney each day until the games this summer.

More information and details of how to get involved can be found at

  • Bill

    Very smart.
    Very simple.

    When are these ready for market?


  • It looks like a very aesthetic solution, although as an office planner I'd be worried about the lack of shelving space or drawers in the modules.

    It's arrogant to think every company has fully embraced a paperless philosophy.

    • Redfern

      I think that this system is intended for short term use, away from user's actual desk, to make a phonecall or for privacy when trying to concentrate. I did think that the chairs looked wrong (not being adjustable), but in light of the fact that the user would only be there for short periods of time, it is probably ok.

    • iag

      I might be wrong, but i was under the impression these were for ‘touchdown’, communal areas – not a replacement for executive desking.

  • Bhavnesh

    I can't help but think is just a 'nicer' looking version of otherwise popular 'boring' office furniture. And even the definition of what is 'nice' is subjective and unique to an individual.

  • Chris

    To be fair, I don't think we'll see a money-dominated office culture shedding the efficient cubicle layout of most office buildings any time soon. So I think we should at least applaud the efforts of these guys to make it a bit more interesting and beautiful than the usual grey crap we mostly see.

    • Bhavnesh

      The “usual grey crap we mostly see” does seem to work though.

      Give them a colourful lick of paint, and they’re even better than this!

  • Bill

    This is not about the paperless office at all.

    This is obviously about the lack of private space that is needed in shared spaces for people that dont have a fixed workstation or are working in other peoples offices as I do…

  • Leah K.

    The Docklands line has a simple, modern look. The colors and materials are great and add a sense of optimism to a perhaps otherwise drab and boring office space. The design provides privacy without creating a feeling of being "closed off" which is nice in our ever populating cubicle culture.

    I see the line in progressive offices and even study areas of elite schools.

    Well done, I like it.

  • boomerangofficefurniture

    These office cubicles look stunning. So much nicer then the regular ones but I agree they would not replace the current ones without shelving and more storage space. But they do look nice. Can't wait to see them on the used office furniture market.