Beer Wrench by Budnitz


Beer Wrench by Budnitz

If you like beer and cycling, this is the tool for you: a spanner with a bottle opener at the other end.

Beer Wrench by Budnitz

The handy Beer Wrench by American bicycle company Budnitz attaches to the bolts on a bike frame where the water bottle would normally go.

Beer Wrench by Budnitz

Here's a picture of one of their bikes:

Beer Wrench by Budnitz

And here's a bit of info from Budnitz:

Our lovely Beer Wrench has a titanium 15mm spanner on one side, and a bottle opener on the other. Two titanium thumb-screws attach it securely to the water bottle mounts on most bicycles (including ours).

The 15mm wrench will remove rear axle bolts, Alfine internal hub bolts, and Pitlock keys, making it perfect for removing a wheel on the road. The bottle opener opens... a beer. Or a bottle of San Pellegrino. Or any other fizzy bottled beverage you might suddenly be in need of on an extended ride.

Engraved quote from 13th century Japanese Zen Master Dogen, helpfully reminding lost riders that we're always exactly where we're supposed to be.

Weight: a paltry 35 grams.

  • ken
  • Bhavnesh

    Are you supposed to remove the tool every single time you park your bicycle?

    Considering that thumb screws are designed to be easily removed by hand, this invites would-be thieves to help themselves to your wrench when your bicycle is parked. Then that may also invite them to use the wrench to remove your wheels and/or other components.

    Just a thought.

  • sam

    Bit of a gimmick really.

    This makes being an alcoholic on a summer’s eve a bit easier.

  • Wayne Z

    Initially read as: If you like beer and crying, this is the tool for you

  • Jeff

    Reckless and dangerous design.

  • Chris

    That isn't a spanner…

  • Jennifer

    I’m confused. Isn’t drinking and cycling still considered drinking and driving? I suppose if you use the tool to remove your tires pre-drink… If your coherent enough to put the tire back on you’ll probably survive the ride home.

  • Lisko

    Man, you can use your bike in a hundred ways to open your bottle without this thing.

    …and why is everybody thinking of a beer ?

  • Lisko

    …could be just a soda bottle , not a beer

    • H-J

      Maybe because they call it a "Beer Wrench"

      • Lisko

        Yeah you’re right … a “soda wrench” doesn’t sound cool.

  • joes

    it's not original. i've seen a couple of those around already.