Folklore by Danielle
and Rob Reid


Folklore by Danielle and Rob Reid

Wall panels and shelves in this north London design shop are made from reclaimed floorboards and scaffolding planks.

Folklore by Danielle and Rob Reid

Folklore was set up by designer Danielle Reid and her husband Rob to sell a curated selection of handmade and antique products.

Folklore by Danielle and Rob Reid

The old floorboards are arranged diagonally behind lengths of rope suspended from metal railings, which support the sanded wooden shelves.

Folklore by Danielle and Rob Reid

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Folklore by Danielle and Rob Reid

Here's some extra information from Folklore:

Folklore, A New Design Store Opens In London

Folklore was set up by Danielle Reid and her husband Rob with a simple idea that better living is possible through design; both the online and offline shop features a selection of goods for home and life that are created with care and made to last.

Some are handmade, antique or made from recycled or found materials. Others are easily recyclable at the end of their life. All are made in an environmentally mindful way.

The interior of the shop was designed by Folklore. Danielle's background is in design. We curate mindful design for the home and work with brilliant designers and makers. We source everything ourselves.

We look for craftsmanship, quality, simplicity and durability in our range and this is reflected in the design of the store. We chose a simple colour scheme with raw, natural and reclaimed materials.

For example, the hanging shelving is made from reclaimed scaffolding planks. We sanded them back and left the wood untreated to allow the natural beauty of the wood to come through. The wall cladding is Victorian floorboards which we left bare.

  • Thanks for the tip about this shop, it looks really cozy. Reminds me of something you would find in a cottage in the woods :)

  • Ben

    We've been decorating our house and this is pretty much the exact style we have been trying to achieve, however we have seen a black gloss tv bench which we like and I can't make my mind up if it would look out of place in a room with this style? Can you mix the 'modern rustic' effect with something like that tv bench?

    • Kris

      Absolutely. I live in NYC and have seen such wonderful mixed design that is so special and makes your house yours alone. Do not be afraid to mix!! Look in other magazines to see how other people have done the mod, sleek and recycled or antique looks together. Look at downtown and Brooklyn NY and Venice in LA interior design especially.

      From Kris NYC