Afteroom Chair by Afteroom Studio


Afteroom Chair by Afteroom Studio

Afteroom Studio of Sweden have designed a chair that looks like a three-legged stool with a backrest reaching out from underneath.

Afteroom Chair by Afteroom Studio

The frame is made of solid steel rods with a bar crossing from the front led to the back stretcher before bending up to support the backrest.

Afteroom Chair by Afteroom Studio

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Afteroom Chair by Afteroom Studio

Here's some more information from the designers:

Afteroom chair

As a big fan of Bauhaus, Afteroom studio has designed a chair that carefully taking away unnecessary structure, reducing usage amount of  materials. We came up with a simple three-legs stool with a simple backrest connected by bent steel bar.

In order to produce the chair and ensure the strength of the construction, it is made of solid-steel bar with fine welding. The structure of it is firm and stable.

Materials: solid bent steel bar/oak
Weight is about 3 kg

Afteroom Chair by Afteroom Studio

Afteroom attaches great importance to the value of  time’s traces.

In the spirit of craftsmanship and with a thoughtful mind, Afteroom’s products will grow old gently and accompany you for a lifetime.  In 2012, Afteroom has divided its own collection into four equal parts of life – Dining, Wearing, Living, Travelling.

Afteroom pursues timeless designs, and believe that a beautiful simple one is always not shaken by the trend.  As a main concept, we desire to share it with everyone.

  • Paul

    That looks funny but also very logical to me. I like it a lot.

  • Llama

    Has this sort of refined-retro-minimalism. lovely.

    I would like to trust you when you say it's stable…but I just can't. I'm used to seeing three-legged chairs with 2 feet in front.