Sergio Pininfarina 1926-2012


Sergio Pininfarina 1926-2012

Dezeen Wire: Sergio Pininfarina, the Italian car designer who worked for brands including Ferrari, Maserati and Lancia, has died aged 85 (via Reuters). Pininfarina worked at and later ran the family-run Pininfarina design studio from 1950 until 2006, working on models including the Ferrari Testarossa, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider and Bentley Azure.

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  • Rest in Peace Greatest!

  • Aaron

    A great loss.

  • If there's a Design Pantheon, then Signore Pininfarina's name deserves to be placed right at the top.

    Descanse en Paz.

  • zeeman

    R.I.P. Admired from afar. One of my true inspirations.

  • Diego

    "Pininfarina" The Legend!

  • Daniel

    Rest in Peace, Signore Pininfarina. I hope your heritage will survive and be protected.

  • efs

    Thanks for the post Dezeen. When asked during a BBC interview which of his designs was his favourite, his answer was “my next one”.

  • Doug C.

    An artist of the highest caliber.

  • George Ward

    WOW! What a household name, even in South Africa. I’m 10 years younger than him but seem to know his name as an ICON for as long as I can remember.

  • Merritt

    A great loss to the world of timeless design. RIP Serg.

  • A motoring legend responsible for some of the worlds most beautiful cars. RIP