Pininfarina unveils Ferrari-like tractor design for Zetor

Italian design studio Pininfarina has launched a tractor that takes its cues from sport cars to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Czech agricultural machinery manufacturer Zetor.

Pininfarina – the company behind the latest train designs for cross-channel rail service Eurostar – designed the Zetor tractor with a forward-leaning and sloped front end, a feature often added to sports cars to suggest high-speed performance.

"It is a tractor with brand new styling that expresses the strength and durability of Zetor machines in a way that also communicates emotion and passion," said Pininfarina's design chief Fabio Filippini.

Casing covers the tractor's mechanical components, forming a durable body that is integral to its overall strength.

Pininfarina unveils Ferrari-style tractor design for Zetor_784

The vehicle's side panels can be easily removed for essential maintenance work, while acting as a protective cover. Each panel was shaped to hint at the world of competitive motor racing.

Prominent cooling vents serve to prevent the engine from overheating and, like many sports cars, also suggest the tractor's performance credentials.

The two-tone colour scheme distinguishes between functional areas of the vehicle. The dark colour indicates technical components while the rest is coloured red.

"Pininfarina's new design shifts Zetor to a more intense, emotional experience that is highly sensual, dynamic and modern," said Zetor in a statement. "The idea behind the Zetor by Pininfarina concept is the embodiment of a perfect combination of power, dynamics and emotion while preserving the use and practicality of field machinery, which tractors certainly are."

Pininfarina tractor for Zetor

Car and coach-building firm Pininfarina, which was founded 85 years ago, has been employed by many prestigious automotive brands to design sports vehicles. The company's clientele includes Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Maserati.

Pininfarina revealed a two-seater concept vehicle without a windshield at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, and more recently combined materials used inside 1930s vehicles with modern technologies to produce a limited-edition bicycle.

Zetor by Pininfarina, which was unveiled at an agricultural machinery exhibition in Germany yesterday, is the Italian company's first tractor design.