Resident Tsao by
KC Design Studio


This apartment by Taiwan firm KC Design Studio features rotating walls, allowing four rooms to be converted instantly into one (+ slideshow).

Resident Tsao by KC Design

One of the moving screens pivots to either combine or divide the living room and kitchen, while a second is positioned between the bedroom and study.

Resident Tsao by KC Design

Both partitions have bevelled edges so that from at certain angles they appear razor-thin.

Resident Tsao by KC Design

Televisions and bookcases are housed within the recesses.

Resident Tsao by KC Design

Earlier this year we also featured a house with a stone wall that slides across a window - see it here.

Resident Tsao by KC Design

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Resident Tsao by KC Design

Here's some more explanation from KC Design Studio:

The main concept of this project is that using two rotatable partitions to divided four area in a one open-plan space. The rotatable TV-Partition can be turned in different angle.

Resident Tsao by KC Design

Client can decide to having bigger dining area or living area. Another partition is actually a big bookshelf, it divides study room and bedroom. Using slide door to save privacy needs.

Resident Tsao by KC Design

A part of bookshelf can be moved to study room. The idea of this function is to make these two rooms become in a one big master room.

  • justin

    Where is the daggone door to get into the apartment! C’mon! A plan with no door!?

  • Borisb

    Nice to see the ideas Gerrit Rietveld explored in his Rietveld-Schoder house (1924) are still valid and alive today!

  • brandonbergem

    In the corner of the living room? door swing not shown (possibly because it swings out)

  • Its a cool idea. A change is always desirable.