Druida barbecue by

Druida barbecue by Mermeladaestudio

This barbecue by Barcelona designers Mermeladaestudio will char your food with geometric patterns.

Druida barbecue by Mermeladaestudio

The stainless-steel grill is waterjet-cut with a criss-crossing grid rather than the usual bars.

Druida barbecue by Mermeladaestudio

Celled Druida after the druidic cauldrons that inspired its shape, the barbecue comprises a spun bowl on a painted steel frame plus a lid and legs made of acajou wood.

Druida barbecue by Mermeladaestudio

"It shows elegance and its aesthetics are planned as if it was a piece of furniture," say the designers, adding that the proportions make it ideal for small outdoor spaces.

Druida barbecue by Mermeladaestudio

They're currently working with a manufacturer to develop a production version.

Druida barbecue by Mermeladaestudio

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  • Trep

    Do we really need a “over-designed” bar-b-q? seriously…

  • Speed

    No holes in the bottom to let air in?

  • Hasko

    Cleaning up afterwards would be a party on its own…

  • Bhavnesh

    So over-designed.

    The traditional domed barbecue lid is used to trap in some of the smoke, moisture, and flavour – what is that acajou wood lid supposed to do? It's as flat as a pancake.

    Being suitable for a small outdoor space isn't really a unique selling point – a disposable barbecue is compact, and you don't have it lying around taking up space afterwards.

    How would that acajou wood age? What happens if it's left out in the rain (as I'm sure everyone is familiar with). And yes, I know it's designed in sunny Barcelona, but it's still an important factor to consider.

    Anyway, it's pretty – that's all that really matters. Right?

  • bruce

    Beautiful object, don't agree at all with the application however. All of the above issues as mentioned, plus: is powder coating the ideal finish for the inside of a bbq bowl?

  • gray

    HONESTLY. If the real intent was just to get geometric grill patterns then they should design JUST the grate because the rest of their design makes little sense to someone who actually grills.

    The lid is essential in grilling. This one is basically unusable. NO control of air flow, which is crucial. That grate would be a pain in the a$% to clean after using it more than once…

    That all being said, it’s definitely… handsome.