House Renovation in Vietnam
by 07Beach

House Renovation in Vietnam by 07Beach

There's a special staircase for dogs at this renovated house in Ho Chi Minh City by architecture studio 07Beach.

House Renovation in Vietnam by 07Beach

The pets' route features narrower treads and shorter risers than the adjacent one for humans, making it more suited to canine strides.

House Renovation in Vietnam by 07Beach

This also means the dogs' staircase is nearly twice as long so it curls round the back of the TV towards the front door.

House Renovation in Vietnam by 07Beach

We've previously featured a house where shelves create a route for a pet cat, as well as a house with a ceiling ledge for a cat to curl up on.

House Renovation in Vietnam by 07Beach

Photography is by Hiroyuki Oki of Decon Photo Studio.

House Renovation in Vietnam by 07Beach

Ground and first floor plans - click above for larger image

  • Theo


    Do dogs not get muddy paws in Vietnam?

    • D.White

      Maybe, but it has been rumoured that they also have mops and sponges to clean surfaces too.

      • Theo


        Mops are just as mythical as the unicorns that invented them!

  • urb

    Dog got the best stairs.

  • Alice L

    Also, surely your little four-legged friend would just want to follow you down the human staircase?

  • Vee

    How do these ideas come about?

    Designer 01: Let’s do something cool, creative

    Designer 02: Like?

    Designer 01: I don’t know, like a staircase for dogs or something crazy

    Designer 02: Brilliant idea! I’m sure our clients will love it.

    A bit ridiculous this staircase for dogs. I can think of better and more useful uses for it, or for the space the staircase takes anyway.

  • Dogs need handrails?

    • vertigo66

      Yes it is part of the local building code.

      • asd

        Towel rails.

  • Diego

    Bahahaha….although have to admit I’ll give it a 10 just because I love my Rhodesian Ridgeback!

    Does it come with a manual and does it come in tan? Just asking because my ridgeback always insists on racing me up the stairs and I am constantly wiping the walls too and as much as I try, some things just cannot be taught.

    Like getting him to flush the toilet!? There is an idea in there somehow.

  • Jennifer

    Or as they are more formally known, Pawrails.

    [As quoted from UK Building Regulations:

    Pawrails for Stairs

    b. Stairs for dogs should have a pawrail on at least one side if they are less than 500mm wide. They should have a pawrail on both sides if they are wider. Pawrails should be provided beside the two bottom steps in public buildings and where stairs are intended to be used by dogs with disabilities.]

    • Klappstuhl

      Wait, wait, wait. Does that mean the Queen has dog stairs with dog rails in Buckingham Palace for her Corgis? I want to see that! :D

  • I thought only the English were this crazy about their dogs!

  • tmg291

    The Vietnamese also love their dogs, most of all in poodle soup.

  • The idea of the designer was creative but the owner's payment was uncreative.

  • Olivets

    What if the dog decides to go back when it’s half way up? It looks like there is not enough space to turn around!

    • Borys

      What if two dogs run opposite to one another?

  • evilism

    Original owner had cats!