Sky Condos by
DCPP Arquitectos

Sky Condos by DCPP

Vertiginous swimming pools would cantilever like diving boards from every apartment in this tower proposed for Lima, Peru, by Mexican studio DCPP Arquitectos.

Sky Condos by DCPP

The 20-storey residential building would be constructed beside a golf course in the east of the city and feature a transparent glass facade and a series of elevated courtyards.

Sky Condos by DCPP

The concrete swimming pools would jut out from each of the courtyards and are pictured in the architect's drawings without any safety rails.

Sky Condos by DCPP

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Sky Condos by DCPP

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Sky Condos by DCPP

Here's a project description from DCPP:

Sky Condos Located on a privileged area of the City of Lima and with views towards the golf course, we sought to create an icon for the future, a new luxury housing concept in Latin America; combining the idea of incorporating the exterior space to the interior life of the apartments and creating a new relation between public and private areas.

Sky Condos by DCPP

We wanted to get away from the traditional tower; instead of piling up a series of identical apartments, we created three types that adjust to different necessities; each one with a clear individuality using the privative exterior spaces as our main core.

Sky Condos by DCPP

Ground floor plan

We believe that an apartment shouldn’t lack exterior spaces; this is why our main space in each apartment is the exterior public area which contains the pool and a series of terraces that bring dynamism to the whole tower.

Sky Condos by DCPP

Upper floor plan 1

These terraces fill the apartment with natural light and create a game of lights and shadows.

Sky Condos by DCPP

Upper floor plan 2

The 20 floor tower has a facade that is mainly transparent allowing the integration of the building to the exterior; generating crossed ventilation and natural lighting in all the spaces without sacrificing the privacy inside the apartments.

Sky Condos by DCPP

Upper floor plan 3

The floor plan is open looking for a transparency all along the plot and generating the sensation that the apartments are suspended.

Sky Condos by DCPP

Upper floor plan 4

Sky Condos by DCPP

Upper floor plan 5

Sky Condos by DCPP

Upper floor plan 6

Sky Condos by DCPP

Upper floor plan 7

  • dgman

    You could go down with the elevator, BUT you could also try pool-hopping.

  • cethuesen

    The static engineer would have a heart attack.

  • Architom

    Those cantilevers look awfully thin to deal with all the weight from the water and also it seems they've forgotten that pools need plant rooms.

  • Daniela

    This is just a competition entry. You can find it on <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    Ironically enough, the project that won is the exact opposite of this one, a plain boring facade.

    • steve

      I think with all the media coverage the developer and the competition organizers are having a very bad time.

  • steve

    I would love to swim there!

  • The structural engineer would have a nervous breakdown building this structure.

  • Rafel

    In such a poor city I suppose it is better to avoid showing such luxury. Besides, it is very hot, so many glass windows seem problematic.

    • Jack

      It could be more interesting if they’d developed the environmental concept by using evaporative cooling from the pools. Cascading waterfalls to an interior courtyard perhaps.

  • Super Mario, anyone? ;)

  • Crazy idea. Imagine how this would react if an earthquake shook the ground hard.

  • Might make more sensel if the pools could be pushed back into the building, like cupboard drawers, after use.

  • Matteo

    The big question with those pools would be durability. Assuming the cantilevers could take it, how would those pools stand against time? I can imagine a lot of problems with leaks and structural integrity degradation due to stress occurring. But it’s a lovely design and the idea of individual pools is a great one.

  • Jordin Panzram

    Not even the fancy renders can save this turkey…

  • dg1

    You guys are taking this too seriously. Looks great. Impossible to build but stretches our thinking.

  • shaun

    Major mistake, that the floors of the pools are not glass…

  • BenH

    Getting splashed from the neighbors above : /

  • Muamer

    I think at the first sign of wind- or earthquake-caused reverberation it will collapse. The beam balance is poor: it will drag each floor downwards. Maybe, JUST maybe, it would survive with tensile cables. Maintenance of the pools is questionable and expensive. Anyway, clean and neat design :-O}–

  • SteveLeo

    Looks like the Sum-41 video for In Too Deep where he jumps from one board to the other.