Five six towers with unfortunate


Gate to the East by RMJM

Following yesterday's story about a skyscraper that resembles a pair of trousers (above), here are some more looky-likey towers including one that readers have compared to a stack of toilet rolls and another that looks like a sex toy.

Jean Nouvel in Doha

Jean Nouvel's proposal for a high-rise office building in Doha (above) was widely compared to a dildo and a penis by readers when we first published it in 2007 and is now nearing completion.

Velo Towers by Asymptote

Asymptote Architecture's tower for Seoul (above) has been compared to both a toilet-roll holder and a cam shaft by our readers. The proposal is one of many for the new Yongsan International Business District of Seoul masterplanned by Daniel Libeskind. It will be 153 metres tall and comprise two skyscrapers connected by a bridge 125 metres up.

The Cloud by MVRDV

This pair of linked towers by MVRDV (above), also designed for the same development in Seoul, caused outrage when it was interpreted as representing the exploding World Trade Centre on 9/11. The furor started with readers' comments on our story was soon picked up by the media including the New York Post and the BBC. MVRDV made an official statement on their Facebook page to apologise and claimed that they simply didn't see the resemblance during the design process.

Lilium Tower in Warsaw by Zaha Hadid

Finally, there's Zaha Hadid's Lilium Tower for Warsaw (above), which commenters informed us was "already called The Tampon in Warsaw" when we first showed images of the design in 2008. The 250 metre tower will contain luxury apartments and a hotel, and is currently under construction.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam by  Benthem Crouwel Architects

Update 7/9/12: since publishing this list we're compelled to add the new extension to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam by Benthem Crouwel Architects, compared to a "big sink" by our readers and a "bathtub" by the architects themselves.

Zaha Hadid's Al Wakrah stadium in Qatar has been compared to a vagina

Update 24/11/13: Zaha Hadid's proposed Al Wakrah stadium for Qatar has been compared to a vagina.

  • Aaron

    Not only that, all of them look like crap.

  • Concerned Citizen

    They were all developed from pre-conceived notions that are also ill-conceived notions.

  • Boz

    I like them all. Lots of whingey, ‘complainey’ types here. Are you British?

    • a.e.

      That's what we do best!

  • frank

    Once again Dezeen sets the bar high with insightful deep architectural criticism, and as always the comments elevate the discourse even further… yawn.

  • ask

    Funny how Future Systems’ green bird tower isn’t featured here. It’s a much better dildo than Jean Nouvel’s.

    • sergio

      I agree, Futue System’s green bird would be a much better dildo than Jean Nouvel’s. It’s the curve that really gets it.

  • vzangel

    There’s a building in Mexico City which already has the nickname “the trousers” (“el pantalon” in Spanish). The real name of the project is “Torre Arcos Bosques I”.

  • Davide R.

    Guys, please have a look at Valencia’s airport from above using Google Earth… wordless!

  • Julie

    I’d rather a landscape of these buildings then some conformed sterilised structures that are inoffensive and innocuous.

    So what if they identify with other objects? Please let’s not remove ART from the world of architecture. Rejoice in differences and embrace boldness of design.