Home Shelves
by Artem Zigert

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A house-shaped metal frame surrounds the objects on these tall display tables by Kazakhstan designer Artem Zigert.

Home Shelves by Artem Zigert

The Home Shelves by Artem Zigert comprise a wooden base and a metal frame, both of which come in different heights and sizes.

Home Shelves by Artem Zigert

"Often we love the things that belong to us so much that we put them on the same level as living beings. We fill things with souls, and every living being needs a home," Zigert told Dezeen. "By using such a naive approach we can show some care for things by giving them their own house."

The idea that "everyone needs a home" formed the basis of the shelves' design, Zigert told Dezeen. "[It's] expressing a new approach to the everyday things that fill our living space," he said.

Home Shelves by Artem Zigert

The prototypes come in black and white but Zigert is currently developing new colourways. He's also designed objects for Kazakhstan studio Mechanical Piano Design, including a three-legged ceramic desk lamp which we featured previously.

Other shelves we've featured recently include a set of small wall-mounted dishes and a floating shelf that conceals a secret drawer.

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