Balcon collection of shelves by Inga Sempé for Moustache

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Balcon collection by Inga Sempé for Moustache

Product news: Paris designer Inga Sempé has extended her range of little round wall-mounted shelves and dishes for French brand Moustache.

In addition to the round shelf that Inga Sempé launched with Moustache last year, the Balcon collection now includes a deeper dish called Bénitier and one with a small mirror called Belvédère.

Balcon collection by Inga Sempé for Moustache

Sempé means them to be grouped in clusters, used for storing keys and checking makeup in the hall or for brushing teeth in the bathroom for example, or simply to display small ornaments and catch the light.

"Even if you don't look at yourself in the mirror it always catches the light in a different way and when you move - when you cross a room or walk into a room - the reflection in the mirror changes also, so it's always nice to have a mirror in the house even if it's not to look at yourself," she told Dezeen.

Balcon collection by Inga Sempé for Moustache

Each one can be screwed directly into the wall without any tools, she continued: "It's so boring to go and get everything you need to drill a hole and then put something in the wall and find the right screw, so that's why I wanted the object to be like a big screw itself that you directly put into the wall. I just wanted to do something light that you can put up without using a screwdriver."

Balcon collection by Inga Sempé for Moustache

Previous products by Inga Sempé on Dezeen include a quilted sofa and bed for French brand Ligne Roset and lighting for Swedish brand Wästberg, launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair where Sempé was guest of honour in February.

Moustache launched in 2009 and has previously collaborated Swiss studio Big-Game and French designer Matali Crasset. The boutique brand is based near Sempé's own studio. "Usually the companies that are involved with designers are big industries so they are in the other parts of France, but as Moustache don't actually own any tools or any machines, it's just a small company run by two guys in the same neighbourhood as mine," she says, adding that it's nice to be able to casually meet for lunch to discuss collaborations.

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