Movie: 1111 Lincoln Road
by Herzog & de Meuron


Herzog & de Meuron's 1111 Lincoln Road multi-storey car park in Miami Beach also plays host to parties, yoga classes and weddings, explains proprietor Robert Wennett in this movie produced by filmmaker Elizabeth Priore (+ photographs by Hufton + Crow).

1111 Lincoln Road by Herzog & de Meuron

Named 1111 Lincoln Road, the concrete building with floor slabs supported on wedge-shaped columns was completed in 2010 to offer naturally lit parking levels that can also be used for other activities above a row of shops and restaurants.

1111 Lincoln Road by Herzog & de Meuron

"I had the opportunity to change people's perception of what parking is and to build a type of building that becomes a social gathering space and a public space" says Wennett. "Everything we do in the garage is not what you expect in a parking garage."

1111 Lincoln Road by Herzog & de Meuron

He goes on to explain how the building contains "a grand central staircase" rather than an enclosed stairwell and is also filled with public art. "To want to go to a parking garage, versus wanting to exit it as soon as possible becomes a new paradigm," he declares.

1111 Lincoln Road by Herzog & de Meuron

Finally, Wennett explains that he lives in an apartment on the top floor of the building. "People always ask me 'why would you want to live inside of a parking garage?' but the moment they arrive they never ask me the question again," he says.

1111 Lincoln Road by Herzog & de Meuron

Directed and produced by Elizabeth Priore, the movie is a semi-finalist in the Focus Forward filmmaker competition. Five winners are due to be announced in January.

1111 Lincoln Road by Herzog & de Meuron

We first revealed designs for 1111 Lincoln Road back in 2008, before featuring photographs of the completed building after it opened in 2010.

1111 Lincoln Road by Herzog & de Meuron

Herzog & de Meuron also recently completed a gallery that looks like a pair of barns in Long Island.

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  • alex

    Every building should look like this: forward-thinking. The video did a great job telling the story.

  • SecondRate

    I agree.

  • klfd

    I think most architects would be happy to aim for progressive if they had 500% of the normal budget for a project. The building is really nice, but paradigm-changer it is not.

  • Onelab

    This is what modern architecture is all about. Made of concrete, yes, but sustainable in the sense that it can be used 24/7 for all people and all kind of events. Really embedded in its surroundings. Brilliant – I love it!

  • A.S.

    Awesome building! Awesome architects!

  • eli

    Love it or hate it, it stimulates conversation about what most view as a mundane structure and that’s the beauty of this film. Let’s face it – when was the last time we gave any thought to a parking garage or its very real importance to our urban existence?

  • Ali

    Bu bina mükemmel. Çok güzel tasarlanmış.