Tour Eiffel and Taj Mahal
by Studio Job


Tour Eiffel and Taj Mahal by Studio Job

Design Miami: the Eiffel Tower is reimagined as a bronze table lamp by Belgian artists Studio Job, who also present an upside-down Taj Mahal table at Design Miami this week.

Tour Eiffel and Taj Mahal by Studio Job

The Tour Eiffel lamp is made from patinated bronze and features a polished bronze lampshade fixed to the bent peak of the tower.

Tour Eiffel and Taj Mahal by Studio Job

Studio Job's Job Smeets explained his inspiration for the piece: "While having a summer lunch with Loic and Julien of Carpenters [Workshop Gallery] on the top of Centre Pompidou I had this amazing view of the Tour Eiffel and dreamt about my bohemian life in Paris back in the Nineties. You know, when the world was young and Tour Eiffel was my best friend and close neighbour. Anyway, somewhere between entrée and main the guys commissioned a lamp. One thing led to another!"

Tour Eiffel and Taj Mahal by Studio Job

The Taj Mahal table, also made from patinated and polished bronze, flips the Indian landmark on its head so that it rests on its four corner turrets.

Tour Eiffel and Taj Mahal by Studio Job

Carpenters Workshop Gallery is showing both pieces at Design Miami this week, where Dezeen will be reporting on all the best designs and installations – see all our stories from Design Miami.

We've already published a collection of photosensitive vases by design duo Glithero launching in Miami this week.

Other projects by Studio Job on Dezeen include a studded plastic chair for design brand Moooi and the studio's solo show at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands last year.

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Photographs of the lamp are by P. Laarhoven and photographs of the table are by Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

  • alexandra

    Is this a joke?

  • teo

    So tacky! :-P

  • sam

    Mmm. Nice. Post-modern product design. Very nice. Really?

  • Mark

    Love how the sketch says "easy to accept".

  • arianadourre

    It's actually quite pretty. Can't say the same about the Taj Mahal though.

  • donkey

    Do Athena shops still exist?

  • Henk

    They are trapped by their own success – but there are worse things to be trapped in :)

  • These are quirky and nice :)

  • Facu

    I can’t believe how Dezeen posted this. Really, I am surprised, it is so mediocre and ordinary.

  • blah

    The table is kinda cool in a neo-Victorian kind of way, but WTF were they thinking with that lamp?

  • david

    Studio Job rules!

  • kolobok

    The lamp reminded me of those little Eiffel Tower key-rings made in China, but I like how the main structure is made. The whole concept I don’t.

  • patrick

    Such great designs! Fun to see the world as upside down and twisted as it is.

  • John

    Beautifully made: architecture as sculpture!

  • Sarah

    How do you come up with such an idea for this Tour Eiffel? Brilliant!

  • Marie

    I really love the Taj Mahal!

  • George

    Now I’m definitelly unsubscribing.