Zumthor lets his holiday home
to guests


News: Swiss architect Peter Zumthor is now inviting guests to rent a holiday home he built for his family in the mountain hamlet of Leis in Vals (+ slideshow).

Zumthor Vacation Homes

Zumthor, the most recent recipient of the Royal Gold Medal for architecture, built two neighbouring timber houses in 2009 for himself and his wife and named them the Oberhus and the Unterhus. "Annalisa had always dreamed of living in a house built of wood," wrote the architect in the year of construction.

Zumthor Vacation Homes

Both three-storey houses feature a similar vernacular design, with gabled roofs and large balcony windows, but it is the Unterhus that Peter and Annalisa Zumthor have made available to rent. Peter Zumthor has also designed a third house, named the Türmlihus, which is due to complete this year and will start accepting bookings in the autumn. "We are very much looking forward to having guests in our timber vacation homes in Leis," say the pair.

Zumthor Vacation Homes

The Unterhus contains five rooms and sleeps 4-5, while the Türmlihus will contain four rooms and will accommodate a maximum of four people. The Türmlihus will also feature a sauna and a cross-shaped layout that offers views in four different directions.

Zumthor Vacation Homes

Zumthor is best known for designing buildings such as the Therme Vals thermal baths in Switzerland and the Kunsthaus Bregenz gallery in Austria, but his more recent projects include a memorial to commemorate witches burned at the stake. See more stories about Peter Zumthor, including an interview we filmed with him at the opening of the 2011 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion.

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  • js576

    Ah, perfection.

  • Nick

    Is this how he’s funding his “I don’t work for money” pledge then?

    • Sven

      Yes, for 2850 Euro a week, this is just ridiculous!

  • The architecture work in the ice-place is really superb. It is so much more difficult to design and construct a home in the low temperature, but the architect did a great job, I must say.

  • Sven

    3000 to 4000 Swissfrancs a week, what the f***.

  • Andrea

    Going to Vals for holidays?
    I would rather rent Villa Vals from SeARCH architects! http://www.search.nl/#!content/villa-vals

  • people0places0things0

    The price is pretty much standard for that area of Switzerland. I think it’s pretty reasonable for such a beautiful house in an exquisite location.

  • blah

    Id rather go stay at Therme Vals.

  • sara

    Scariest drive of my life, but what a gem when you get there.

  • The place is certainly looking exquisite and the structure is well insulated. I am not sure about the price as it is not for everyone to be able to avail of.

  • If I were to choose where I want to live, my answer will be that kind of place. I just hope that there are apartments in that place.