Container lamp by Benjamin Hubert
for Ligne Roset


Product news: London designer Benjamin Hubert will launch a ceramic lamp for French brand Ligne Roset at Maison&Objet in Paris and imm cologne in Germany next week.

Container lamp by Benjamin Hubert for Ligne Roset

Called Container, the lamp comprises two large ceramic parts held together under the tension of an injection-moulded silicon band wrapped round a spout-like protrusion, eradicating the need for any glue or screws.

Container lamp by Benjamin Hubert for Ligne Roset

A coloured flex escapes from the end of this component and matches the hue of the band.

Container lamp by Benjamin Hubert for Ligne Roset

"Container looks at utilising the ceramic to both contain the electronic lighting components and produce a soft, reflected illumination from the interior glazed surface to light the table or desk beneath," says Hubert.

Container lamp by Benjamin Hubert for Ligne Roset

"The forms are driven by a sympathetic design language and construction in tune with earthenware production," he adds.

Container lamp by Benjamin Hubert for Ligne Roset

Trade fair imm cologne takes place from 14 to 20 January and Maison&Objet runs from 18 to 22 January.

Container lamp by Benjamin Hubert for Ligne Roset

Benjamin Hubert was one of the speakers at our Dezeen Live series of talks during the London Design Festival, where he argued that designers should focus on building their own name as a brand.

Container lamp by Benjamin Hubert for Ligne Roset

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Container lamp by Benjamin Hubert for Ligne Roset

  • Good uses of those accessories that make the whole lamp contained.

  • Steve

    It would have been nice to see it turned on!

  • guest

    Another light whilst we all go on ignoring the real issues of the world. Great.

    • calen

      Im just curious, but do all the people that make comments like this not understand that every object ceases to be produced eventually, and if everyone stopped designing lamps or any other archetype for that matter, there would eventually be no more lamps, or just one or two options, and the world would look like a prison, or like it was under communist rule? Do these people actually think that people keep designing lamps and they go into production and eventually there will be no more space on the planet because its full of lamps? Everyone has their interests and specialities, some people like designing mine detonators for the desert, and others like ol Hubey here like to design furniture. No one more or less important than the other.

      When I saw this lamp it made my chest hurt I thought it was so beautiful.

      • Roland

        There is something wrong with you. Indigestion maybe? “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It is an interesting pitcher and ladle/lamp concept. The market will decide if it is a successful design.

  • again

    Such a Bouroullec wannabe

  • again and again

    Uniquely gorgeous!

  • Nick

    I think Hubert is a young, super promising designer, but I don’t think that his lighting projects can compare to his furniture. They somehow look like college projects to me, while his furniture is definitely more mature.

    As an industrial designer myself, I obviously don’t agree with what “guest” stated above, but I don’t think there’s need for these kind of projects. I sometimes get tired of looking at projects that could have been made by different designers. Where is Hubert in this lamp? Where is his signature, his touch, his idea of how the world we live in should be and look like?

    This lamp looks nice, but it has no power, no soul.

    • Time

      I totally agree with you Nick. Benjamin Hubert became very famous in a very short amount of time and it very often feels like he is not ready yet and neither are his projects. I really don’t know why all these companies want to work with him, when most of the time his projects could have been done by any other average design student. I am sure he can become a good designer, but he is still a student.

  • Douglas

    I think Benjamin Hubert is one of our best emergent talents, but this justification is just baloney: “eradicates the need for screws” and creates the need for an injection moulded silicone band! Can people please start being honest about their motivation to design?

  • Totally agree with you Nick.