Four Freedoms Park
by Louis Kahn


These new shots by photographer Ty Cole document the scene at Louis Kahn's Four Freedoms Park in New York, which opened to the public in autumn 2012 almost 40 years after it was designed (+ slideshow).

Four Freedoms Park by Louis Kahn

American architect Louis Kahn was appointed to design the park in 1973 to commemorate the life and work of President Roosevelt, whose seminal Four Freedoms speech in 1941 called for freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear.

Four Freedoms Park by Louis Kahn

Stretching out across the East River at the southernmost tip of Welfare Island, the park was envisioned as a triangular plain that directs a forced perspective towards a statue of the then president.

Four Freedoms Park by Louis Kahn

The architect died shortly after completing the design and funding issues prevented construction for another 38 years, during which time the island was renamed Roosevelt Island. In 2010, as part of the mayor's plans to develop the area into a new residential community, Kahn's plans were put back into action.

Four Freedoms Park by Louis Kahn

The completed park opened to the public on 24 October 2012, with a bronze bust of Roosevelt created by artist Jo Davidson as its focal point.

Four Freedoms Park by Louis Kahn

A granite terrace sits beyond the artwork, creating a contemplative space that Kahn referred to as "The Room".

Four Freedoms Park by Louis Kahn

Five copper beech trees mark the entrance to the park, while two rows of linden trees line the edge of the triangular central lawn.

Four Freedoms Park by Louis Kahn

Louis Kahn is revered as one the greatest architects of the twentieth century. Four Freedoms Park is his final work, but his best-known designs include the Phillips Exeter Academy Library in New Hampshire and the Kimbell Art Museum in Texas.

Four Freedoms Park by Louis Kahn

In 2008 we featured new photographs of Kahn's 1961 project Esherick House, which was just about to be sold at auction.

Four Freedoms Park by Louis Kahn

See more photography by Ty Cole on his website.

Four Freedoms Park by Louis Kahn

  • Cadbaboon

    Everything about this makes sense. Kahn was/is the man.

  • Davide

    40 years later, it does not feel the weight of the passing years. Project clean, strong and impressive. Chapeau Louis!

    • Pedro Sabino

      No. The Park was built in the XXIst century. Kahn died before he finished the designs.

  • mike

    That FDR head is the only bad thing about the project.

  • Nate Hill

    Photography plays a vital role in architecture. With this, the spectator can better visualise the proposed architectural plan and how the project will be seen once completed. Photography gives life to the vertical and horizontal lines of the blueprint.

  • Klappstuhl

    Graffiti in 3… 2… 1…