Spike Chair by
Alexander Lervik


Stockholm 2013: Swedish designer Alexander Lervik unveiled a chair made of wooden rods like a bed of nails in Stockholm last week.

Spike Chair by Alexander Lervik

Lervik says Spike Chair was inspired by shafts of heavy rain in the Phillipines: "One day it poured with rain. Raining stair rods, as they say, and that's exactly how it was. The shafts of rain resembled slanted lines and in that rain I suddenly saw the outlines of Spike in front of me."

Spike Chair by Alexander Lervik

The user's weight is spread over 60 turned ash rods, supported by tubular steel welded to a three-millimetre-thick base. There are 30 different lengths of rod to accommodate the curve of the body.

Lervik made the chair in an edition of ten and presented them at Gallerie Pascale as part of Stockholm Design Week, which also included delicate glass pieces exhibited among robots and an installation of lamps by Nendo in a former skating pavilion. See all our stories about Stockholm 2013.

Other stories we've featured inspired by weather include a weather forecasting lamp and a facade revealing invisible patterns of the wind. See all our stories about weather and design.

  • Simon

    Inspired by cigarettes rather than rain?

  • Jec

    New to the market: the impale chair.

    • Jec

      Also the rape chair.

  • bonsaiman

    It looks very practical and comfortable.

  • I thought at first as well that it was inspired by cigarettes! – thought that would be funny to write about on my blog – but now it really awes me. I love the design, looks very comfortable, and I'm wondering if we could change where the spikes went?

  • Peanuts

    I’d rather smoke it.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I guess it's designed to discourage placing anything at all on the top of the rods forming the back of the chair. And don't dare turn around and sling your arm over the back!

  • Mashara

    Somebody finally designed the perfect chair for the aspiring slayer. I cannot say how many times Buffy has had to break a chair leg to kill a raging vampire and the fact that it is called Spike makes the irony almost too big to endure.

  • liaqat

    Is it for torture? I think it needed more comfortable heads than this.

  • boscro

    Nice. I must admit I do like it. Two practical comments:

    1. I don’t see the spikes being held in position. A spike could potentially turn around and…
    2. There is this thing about centre of gravity. Lean a bit forward and…

    Some more work on the points above and I’ll buy it – I mean the concept not the chair.

  • jeremy

    Final destination 6?