Onico Hair and Nail
by Ryo Isobe


This forest-like beauty salon in Osaka has birch trees wedged between the floor and ceiling (+ slideshow).

Onico Hair and Nail by Ryo Isobe

Named Onico, the hair and nail salon was designed by Japanese architect Ryo Isobe.

Onico Hair and Nail by Ryo Isobe

The architect imagined the space as a woodland filled with antique objects and other curiosities, including a stuffed owl.

Onico Hair and Nail by Ryo Isobe

"Our client likes DIY and he makes many objects and furniture by himself," said Isobe. "So we made the space as if it is a treasure hunt in the woods."

Onico Hair and Nail by Ryo Isobe

Birch trees are dotted around the space, amongst a styling area containing assorted chairs and mirrors.

Onico Hair and Nail by Ryo Isobe

A mixture of lanterns, chandeliers and bare light bulbs are suspended from the ceiling, while fairy lights are strung up beside a cluster of artificial ivy in the room behind.

Onico Hair and Nail by Ryo Isobe

Other details include a decorative balustrade, empty picture frames and a golden dresser.

Onico Hair and Nail by Ryo Isobe

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Onico Hair and Nail by Ryo Isobe

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Onico Hair and Nail by Ryo Isobe

  • Mallard

    That owl thing is so creepy.

  • li

    I’m not saying it’s sick, I’m saying it’s the aesthetics of sickness. A lot of careful design, but I am used to a different kind of aesthetics, certainly without those dead-living stumps of trees.

  • dUMB

    That’s the second project from Japan this week featuring dead trees. Are they barking? It leaves me stumped – or is about that journey like Yojiro Takita’s moving ‘Departures’? I feel like going on a holiday, packing my trunk and branching out in a new direction or am I just being a sad sap. Something has to be at the root of all this!

  • dUMB

    Actually it’s just the sort of place where Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter might go for a wash and blow-dry!

  • marchbear

    Sorry, this is just hideous and has nothing to do on Dezeen.

  • angel

    I like it, except for the owl. This is interior design.

  • juliawvb

    Yeah, hair and hair spray and dead trees! This place is going to be a huge mess in a few weeks.

  • Like the trees, which should last almost indefinitely as they have no foliage.

    Not so sure about their positioning though – I suspect clients are likely to bump into the odd trunk!

  • Bonkers! I love it!

  • I really like the idea of matching nature (trees) with modern style. Very creative. I would love to have my nails done in this salon ;)