Pangyo House
by Office 53427


This family house in South Korea by Office 53427 has a curving white facade with extruded windows and square perforations.

Pangyo House by Office 53427

Located 30 minutes from Seoul, the two-storey Pangyo House sits within the newly developed housing area in Pangyo-dong.

Pangyo House by Office 53427

Office 53427 designed the house with a folded plan that cranks around a small garden. Architect Kiwoong Ko explained: "I imagined a living space in which the room structure would satisfy the needs of the family, while providing a natural connection between the living area and the outdoors."

Pangyo House by Office 53427

The walls of the building are brick but are covered both inside and out with a layer of Hi-Macs acrylic stone panels, which create the extruded surfaces and curved edges.

Pangyo House by Office 53427

The base of the building is clad with timber, as is the flooring inside the house.

Pangyo House by Office 53427

The entrance is on the southern side and leads into a small hallway with curved edges. On one side is a living room with an undulating ceiling and on the other is a combined kitchen and dining room.

Pangyo House by Office 53427

Wooden staircase treads wind around a curved wall to lead up to bedroom and bathroom spaces on the top floor.

Pangyo House by Office 53427

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Pangyo House by Office 53427

Here's a short description from Office 53427:

Pankyo house is a single family house for an ordinary young couple and their two sons. Despite that high-dense apartment is dominant living condition in Korea, the site is located in an recently developed area for single family housing. The area is 30 minutes from Seoul and site is one of 1500 empty plots in the area.

Pangyo House by Office 53427

Considering rapid transition from traditional house to high-density apartment, various architectural try of this area will be test to nurture single family living culture. Of course, there should be strong engagement of dweller (user). Clients, mid-thirty aged parent of two little children, they were able to throw away social prejudices to achieve their desirable lifestyle and space.

Pangyo House by Office 53427

Although there have been many conflicts with advices from their parent and neighbors, also with considering safety of children, all was the process to get the happiness of family.

Pangyo House by Office 53427

Architect: Ko Kiwoong and Lee Joo-eun

Location: 129-7, Pangyo-dong, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Site area: 265.03 sqm

Floor area: 131.88 sqm

Total floor area: 242.21 sqm

Building scope: 2F

Structure: Reinforced concrete

Pangyo House by Office 53427

  • Luke

    Looks a lot like Neil Denari's work – great building!

    • recon::decon

      But without the attention to detail, which is evident in many of the photos. Interiors were clearly not considered three-dimensionally – walls have really awkward and misaligned terminations and volume transitions are clunky at best.

      It’s most telling with any of the images that show the stair: landing height is slightly lower than the ceiling plane, the stair form lacks a clean line-swoop-line that one would expect with this design.

  • Thision

    This reminds me of an old 1990s Packard Bell computer.

  • calle wirsch

    Nice on the outside, too much on the inside.

  • Where do those (pale) wooden stairs go? Just up to a platform to leap off? Somewhere to put the Christmas tree I guess.