Semplice lamp by Industrial Facility
for Oluce


Milan 2013: London studio Industrial Facility will present a lamp with a glass base wrapping round the beam of light in Milan this week.

Semplice by Industrial Facility for Oluce

Named Semplice, Industrial Facility's lamp for lighting brand Oluce comprises a round glass stand capped with a metal shade in black or white.

Semplice by Industrial Facility for Oluce

Other projects by Industrial Facility include a wooden chair that combines robotic and handcrafted production processes for Mattiazzi and an alarm clock for IDEA International that uses a bell as part of the casing.

Semplice will be presented at Euroluce in Milan from 9 to 14 April.

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  • HomoAlmightylis

    Except that Vibia already has a pretty similar product:

  • Leaf

    To add a personal touch to this noteworthy design, it would be nice to have one cherished possession inside the glass volume like a stone, twig, model car, or even a mini family portrait.

  • George

    Would have been nice to hide the cord. Most designers haven’t a clue about that! This designer did not!

  • Ben

    Where would they put it George?

  • Tony

    Chargeable LED.

  • Julia

    I had the idea for a similar lamp a couple of years ago.… Unfortunately I didn’t realise the idea.

  • Michael Swanson

    Make an extra long electrical cord, scramble it up inside the glass with the plug just peaking out. Then run an extension to that and let people wonder.