Unexpected Welcome
by Moooi


Milan 2013: an exhibition of new products for Dutch brand Moooi, including lamps shaped like upturned buckets and bathtubs by Studio Job, opens in Milan's Tortona district tomorrow (+ slideshow).

Unexpected Welcome by Moooi

Above: Bell Lamp Medium by Marcel Wanders

Moooi's co-founder Marcel Wanders has created a number of pieces for the Unexpected Welcome collection, such as bell-shaped lights topped with ceramic bows, lamps with stands that look like chunky balusters and sofas scattered with plump white pillows designed to look like clouds.

Unexpected Welcome by Moooi

Above: Labyrinth Chair Grey by Studio Job

Armchairs patterned with maze-like geometries and a cabinet with patchwork surfaces are among the items by Belgian artists Studio Job.

Unexpected Welcome by Moooi

Above: Common Comrades Scholar by Neri&Hu

Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc's entirely golden chair and Chinese studio Neri&Hu's family of red utility tables also feature in the range.

Unexpected Welcome by Moooi

Above: Bucket Lamp by Studio Job

Last week Moooi revealed a selection of initial sketches and concept drawings by the designers who contributed to the collection.

Unexpected Welcome by Moooi

Above: Construction Lamp by Joost van Bleiswijk

The products will be on display from tomorrow at Via Savona 56 in the Tortona district of Milan, close to where Dezeen has set up a studio in a car wash at the MINI Paceman Garage as part of our Dezeen and MINI World Tour.

Unexpected Welcome by Moooi

Above: Juuyo Peach Flowers by Lorenza Bozzoli

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  • Lola

    Unnecessary. All of it.

  • Pete

    Studio Job quirky as ever! Very nicely made too.

  • Anna

    Wow! Unexpected cool products by Studio Job!

    Love them.

  • Louise

    Beautiful! Want that labyrinth chair!

  • Quirky, yes. Witty, no. Just a bit silly if you ask me.

  • ’80s revisited.

  • Yo mamma

    Wow, a bucket light, I didn’t see that already 15 years ago. Hat light, bucket light, traffic cone light, umbrella light, candy floss light, bell light, fish bowl light, shopping bag light, cardboard box light, milk bottle light, potato sack light, balloon light, cactus light, T-shirt light…etc. Not really difficult. Design should be about more than some novelty lamp shades and vases.

    • Chris

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • Oh Moooi, I expect so much more from you. These just appear to be gimmicks.

  • Well, the sofa in pic #6 looks nice.

  • Bob

    Construction lamp looks really cool!

  • I would say pure nonsense. Awful and absolutely unnecessary.

    • bone head

      What is nonsense? Your comment? Smoking pot?