4StrikeBike by
TSG Essempio


A bicycle that can be pedalled with hands and feet at the same time has been developed by Dutch studio TSG Essempio.

4StrikeBike by TSG Essempio

Pedals replacing the handlebars allow the 4StrikeBike to be cycled with the hands and steered simultaneously.

4StrikeBike by TSG Essempio

These pedals click into a fixed upright position so the bike can also be used normally.

4StrikeBike by TSG Essempio

"The 4StrikeBike has adjustable pedalling handlebars and can be used as an ordinary city bike in traffic as well as a touring bike for longer distances at higher speeds," Jan Willem Zuyderduyn of TSG Essempio told Dezeen.

4StrikeBike by TSG Essempio

A chain runs up one side of the frame between the hand pedals and the standard mechanism linking the foot pedals to the back wheel.

4StrikeBike by TSG Essempio

The crankshaft has a special freewheel system that allows the bike to be cycled with both the upper and lower body, or just the legs while getting on and off.

4StrikeBike by TSG Essempio

Retired Dutch surgeon Lex van Stekelenburg came up with the idea for the bike after developing back problems, following years of performing lengthy operations while standing with a hunched posture.

4StrikeBike by TSG Essempio

Van Stekelenburg took the concept to TSG Essempio, who developed his proposal and prototypes further.

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  • mlk

    “So the bike can also be used normally” – even you mention that this is something freaky or extraordinary, not normal. This is a monster.

    • Dennis

      Easy solution: take those stupid handle bars off, put ‘normal’ ones on, and you have a great bike. Love that frame profile… love it.

    • disqus_IRkAjC1gxN

      These are swindle and not about bicycles.

  • Sam

    This is just getting silly now.

    They say “surgeon Lex van Stekelenburg came up with the idea for the bike after developing back problems”.

    I really can’t see how this would help with back problems, if anything it would surely cause more strain to the lower back due to a lack of support whilst your arms are moving the cranks around.

    • Yeah, just get a recumbent, surely?

  • Hornithologist

    I don’t get it yo

  • Nigel

    After reading, I’m still not sure I understand the advantages of this.

  • Henry L

    Made with pointlessness, powered by awkwardness.

  • Hayden

    Am I the only one who wants for the drive belt to be contained within the frame ? Also, the frame looks heavily over-engineered.

  • rohtmuz

    How would you steer and keep your balance? Why isn’t there a video or someone using it? Presumably because it’s unrideable?

  • Damian

    I find this insulting as a designer and avid cyclist.

    • Mark

      You should be insulted by real issues, like racism or bigotry.

      • Damian

        If design is not a real issue for you, what are you doing here?

  • Henk

    If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.

  • tom


    Prove me wrong, but it seems obvious that it is a bad idea.

  • Mike

    Unreal (as in virtual).

  • Helen

    A late April Fool’s joke this year. The only place where I can use this is in a circus ring, ridden by two monkeys and an giraffe.

  • Anthony

    Leave bicycle building to the Richard Sachs and Dario Pegorettis of the world.

  • Al Gork

    I get it… it’s a variant of a cross-training elliptical.

  • C'est un coup à vraiment s'emmêler les pédales!!

  • zee

    Skirt will get grease stains from the upper chain if it doesn’t get stuck in the first place.

    • pervertt

      Look carefully. It’s a toothed belt.

    • Flick

      @Zee, Who wears a skirt while cycling on a road bike? Not necessarily this one, any road bike? Just asking! I generally wear cycling longs or shorts, these don’t get caught in chains or belt driven cycles, maybe you should try them!

  • I want to see it in action. That could go viral!

  • Dylan

    Your hands would go everywhere if you were trying to steer and pedal at the same time. It may be interesting to make a BIKE (I think there as been a trike already) which was steered using the feet and powered with the hands or even have the hands at the front power the front wheel to give two wheel drive, but this is just a show piece concept at the end of the day Okay, the design is beautiful, but I would never use the hand pedals as actual pedals, so what’s the point?

  • Josh V

    When a dynamic object is posted on a blog without an accompanying video, I can only assume it was designed more as a static object only to be looked at. It’s pretty, although all practical issues have already been addressed.

  • hors

    This really bugs me – “has adjustable peddling”

    Peddle: means “to travel and sell (wares).” Additionally[…] can be used for the illicit sale of narcotics, as well as a figurative use […]”
    Pedal: “foot operated lever”

    Please check your press releases before sending them out…

    • dezeen_intense

      Well spotted hors,

      We've corrected that quote now.



  • Cyclist

    Don’t just move points and generate volume in-screen. Do test (ride) your design in reality and show it to us. Cool renderings are boring and silly.

  • Fon

    It is as unequalled as it is unnecessary.

  • Chris

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Actually, the word SPECIOUS comes to mind. I assume the reason the model isn’t shown from the front is because the head tube/steering/drivetrain issue hasn’t been figured out. If you turn does it throw the chain/belt?

    After looking at it again it appears that the front end of this bike does not turn at all. This bike is for going in “straightish” lines in a dangerous way. Look! No seams! No pivoting!

  • chris

    Also… how are the wheels held to the frame?

  • realist

    “A bicycle that can be pedalled with hands and feet at the same time has been developed by Dutch studio TSG Essempio.”

    I think by “developed” you mean rendered. Surely developed implies they have done the engineering behing it, resolved the problems and that it would work, clearly none of which has been done in this case.

  • If you have long hair, there is a risk that your hair might get caught in the chain.

    • ber

      Exactly – this bike is nothing for bearded hipsters either.

  • lodi

    Is it similar to RaXibo?

  • ZYX

    Guys, here’s a video (it’s on their website). Looks kind of awkward but seems to work. I agree it may be hard to steer while hand-pedalling but I guess you can just not hand-pedal while steering (I’m assuming it has some sort of dislodging mechanism that allows for that, not sure if it does have such mechanism).