Teso table by Foster + Partners
for Molteni&C


Teso table by Foster + Partners for Molteni&C

Milan 2013: Foster + Partners has designed a coffee table made by stretching a perforated disk of steel upwards to form a metal-mesh base.

Teso table by Foster + Partners for Molteni&C

The Teso table by Foster + Partners for Molteni&C is pressed and twisted into a tapered cylinder by a robotic arm.

A circular transparent glass top allows the structure to be seen from any angle. It's available in a brushed stainless-steel, brushed brass or bronze-painted finish.

Teso table by Foster + Partners for Molteni&C

This is the architecture firm's second table for Molteni&C, following its Arc table with a base made of cement and organic fibres in 2009.

Teso was presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan earlier this month.

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  • titou

    Such a shame….
    Kain Lucas, 2009 : http://www.ute.net.au/buyonline/victoria-coffee-t

  • paulchristopher

    Difficult to get a small object out if it accidently passes through the mesh, but other than that a great looking piece!

  • Australian Designer

    Australian company Ute, Victoria Side Table & Coffee Table, 2009 – http://www.ute.net.au/buyonline/victoria-coffee-t

  • Michelle

    Woah, I can’t believe they are presenting this as new! Melbourne designer Kain Lucas was shortlisted for the Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award back in 2009 with pretty much this exact design. Foster & Partners need to sharpen up by the looks of things. Check it out, Victoria Tables by Ute Design.

  • Maybe there are some comments awaiting approval on this one. But it’s worth noting that this is almost an exact replica (apart from a slightly different curve) of Ute Design’s 2009 Victoria Coffee Table.

    I think F+P and M&C need to address this ASAP. It’s possible they devised the design independently, but they really need to demonstrate exactly how it’s significantly new or different.

  • paulchristopher


  • Kerry

    Anybody find this pretty?

  • mirror man

    This isn’t a replica, it’s a dirty copy.

    • greg

      I’m sick of seeing people moan on about copies in design. There are quite a few similar chairs, wardrobes, lights etc. out there that people just seem to pass by. Chill out and enjoy it.

  • It’s a shame that Foster & Partners need to steal designs from other designers.
    If you look at the pictures here: http://www.ute.net.au/buyonline/victoria-coffee-t
    There is not the slightest doubt about the similarity of this item.

    Hope that the original designer who invented this table, Mr. Kain Lucas, can make his point and get the deserved attention (and more!) of F&P. If not: hope, he has a good legal protection insurance.

    • dromberg

      There is not the slightest doubt about the similarity, I agree. That doesn’t make Foster + Partners thieves. Many similar or identical designs are made independently, i.e. without knowing about the precedent design – it happens all the time. Let’s hope Kain Lucas and the company that produces his table have done everything to protect their design.

  • Shame about the copy, but I still think it looks really great!

  • laura skeeters

    Molteni fell for a blunder. Should we consider this plagiarism?!

  • hello!

    Net – Monica Förster – 2004

    Just wondering why designers never check existing products before producing something “new” – I mean, the technique used is quite over-used, and the application seems too obvious… but maybe I’m wrong.

  • DesignSultan

    In fairness, it should be marketed as a “Norman Foster Replica”, not an original design.

  • Haven

    Funny what they wrote, the starting sentence says “F&P has ‘designed’ a coffee table”. I think they meant to say copied instead of designed! Hope they don’t get away with this. Kain Lucas deserves to be recognised for his invention of this table.

  • michi12.90

    Wow! Very beautiful!

  • JoeM

    Guess they forgot about two things.
    1. Designers have really good memories.
    2. The internet makes it easy to track past designs.