Buzz chair by Bertjan Pot
for Arco


Milan 2013: Dutch designer Bertjan Pot has created lightweight chairs for furniture brand Arco that have wooden seats with edges curved tightly over the aluminium frames.

Buzz by Bertjan Pot for Arco

Designed for Dutch furniture brand Arco, Buzz by Bertjan Pot combines 3D-formed, wafer-thin veneers with tubular aluminium frames in order to make the chairs as lightweight as possible.

Buzz by Bertjan Pot for Arco

The ultra-thin veneers allow the seat to fold closely around the frame in all directions.

Buzz by Bertjan Pot for Arco

Available in beech or oak, the chairs come with legs in a variety of colours.

Buzz by Bertjan Pot for Arco

Buzz forms part of a range called Table Manners that features tables, chairs, cabinets and other small pieces of furniture, all of which were presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last month.

Buzz by Bertjan Pot for Arco

We previously featured a chair wrapped in a jumper by Bertjan Pot and also the Lazy Bastard chair filled with polystyrene balls like a beanbag.

Buzz by Bertjan Pot for Arco

Last year in Milan Arco presented a shelf by Raw Edges where the front slides down to create a desk.

Buzz by Bertjan Pot for Arco

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  • bonsaiman

    The very beautiful wood seat deserved a more technically elaborated metal structure. This one looks rather poor, specially the finishings.

    • dromberg

      What exactly is “poor” about the metal structure or its finish? To me the simple, sober frame complements the sculptural seat perfectly.

    • Paul

      I have to agree. It is a very beautiful piece of design to me, but is there no other way to connect the pieces of the aluminum frame? Those weld joints are almost an affront to the beautiful wood and the clean design. Nevertheless, congratulations! I really like it.

      • Tom


  • john

    Another unnecessary chair.