Foster + Partners reveals plans for
two London skyscrapers


Foster + Partners reveal plans for two London skyscrapers

News: British firm Foster + Partners has unveiled plans for two residential skyscrapers as part of a mixed-use development in north London.

The skyscrapers will form part of a cluster of residential towers proposed for the City Road area in Islington, including Dutch firm UNStudio's Canaletto building and another proposed by US architects SOM.

The 250 City Road project, led by property developers Berkeley Group, proposes the redevelopment of a 1.9 hectare site currently occupied by a cluster of commercial buildings.

Foster + Partners reveal plans for two London skyscrapers

Foster + Partners' plans include 800 homes across two towers, which, at 41 and 36 storeys in height, would be significantly taller than any other buildings in the surrounding area.

Additional buildings containing shops, cafes, restaurants and a community space would be arranged around a central public park and courtyard garden.

Foster + Partners reveal plans for two London skyscrapers

Berkeley Group initially employed London practice DSDHA to explore the potential of the site before a public consultation in July last year, after which the project was handed over to Foster + Partners.

The project team, which includes landscape architects Gillespies, has now submitted the planning application to the local council.

Foster + Partners reveal plans for two London skyscrapers
Site plan

Last month UNStudio unveiled its own plans for a 30-storey residential skyscraper on City Road, which studio head Ben Van Berkel introduced to Dezeen at the launch event.

Elsewhere in London, Foster + Partners recently received planning permission for three residential towers on the south side of the river Thames near Lambeth Bridge.

Foster + Partners reveal plans for two London skyscrapers
Massing diagram

The firm also recently completed a new gallery wing clad with golden pipes at the Lenbachhaus art museum in Munich and an airport terminal under a canopy of domes in Jordan – see all architecture by Foster + Partners.

  • Prince Charles


  • Dan

    Oh. My. God.

  • mnm

    Looks like any project in China, podium and towers. How much does your dignity weigh, Mr Foster?

  • The last image reminds me of post-war housing projects.

  • Messenger152

    I’m a Montrealer, not from London. But isn’t this a volte-face to London’s commitment to rid itself of post-war functionalist high-rise housing? The aesthetic impact of this project strikes me as a bit insulting. Am I wrong?

  • Malcolm

    It seems peculiar (though typical of skyscraper renderings) that they can manage to show perspective in the horizontal but not the vertical. The third illustration makes Foster’s 155m tower look like a skinny Walkie-Talkie.

    As a local resident I approve of the grouping of four tall buildings here as they balance the street scene. The 90m Canaletto on the other side of City Road is quite stunning; the 115m SOM Lexicon is a sharp triclinic crystal, like quartz, appropriate for its location near Silicon Roundabout.

  • Anonymous

    Falling asleep while watching the photo. Really? Is this the best they can do? How boooooring can it get?