Dubai-style "space hotel" would
"turn Barcelona into a spectacle"


Barcelona space hotel

News: Barcelona officials are outraged over plans to construct a 300-metre "space hotel" - complete with a zero-gravity spa and vertical wind tunnel - on an artificial island off the coast of the city.

Aimed at guests who "wish they could travel to distant galaxies", the €1.5 billion hotel designed by Spanish architect Erik Morvan would offer over 2,000 hotel suites and residences alongside a 24-hour "space mall" and a marina filled with parks, pools and beaches. Windows would feature transparent glass displays of the galaxy, which guests could turn on and off at the touch of the button.

US developer Mobilona submitted a request for planning permission to Barcelona City Hall last week, but city mayor Xavier Trias has already voiced objections. "We have no intention of turning Barcelona into a spectacle," he told Catalan news channel 3/24.

Describing the plans as "not in keeping" with his vision of the city, Trias commented: "We have no need or desire to take on projects of this nature. We are a city of culture, knowledge, of creativity, and of innovation, and our project [to develop the city] will follow a different path."

A representative from the Barcelona planning department also told the Telegraph newspaper: "This seems more suitable for somewhere like Dubai. Any plan to advance Barcelona must be in keeping with the present model of the city."

Barcelona space hotel

Mobilona's CEO Jerome Bottari is confident that the space hotel concept will be popular and has already unveiled plans for similar projects in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. "Mobilona creates the perfect blend of design and technology to simulate any place on earth, or in the universe," he said. "Immersive displays inside Mobilona Space Hotel on Barcelona Island will provide guests with stunning views of some of the most remote galaxies in our universe."

If plans go ahead, the building will become the tallest hotel in Europe.

Other controversial hotel designs from recent months include plans to build the world's largest underwater hotel in Dubai and a boutique hotel in a converted prison in the Netherlands.

  • Max

    Don’t even think to build this in my city!

  • little chief

    That is the funniest post on the net today :o)

  • Yon

    What the… Cool idea but just bad, bad taste.

  • accesskb

    Last I checked we’re in May already. Must be a late April Fools’ joke.

  • Yeah, this is utterly hilarious. Thank god Barcelona’s city officials have sense.

  • Andrew

    I didn’t know you could create 3D models on a Nintendo 64!

  • El Jiji

    Scariest building ever.

  • Jordan

    Top notch render.

  • George

    Here come The Jetsons!

  • Changeplaces

    This is awful, don't ruin my favourite European city please…

  • Dave S.

    I can never unsee this.

  • Roger Emmerson

    There have always been mediocre architects, but traditionally their lack of critical judgement and the presentation and production of their excesses were largely limited by their inability to visualise in 3D and to draw. The computer has now filled that gap with the dire consequences represented in this and other recent posts.

  • tarja nurmi

    It is difficult to believe my eyes.

  • blah

    What would Gaudi say? I’m thinking “ugh”.

  • Robert Donald

    Oh my god! NO, NO, NO. Not anywhere, not even UNDER the sea!

  • bonsaiman

    A suggestion: why not build it underground, where nobody will be able to see it?

  • Desk

    Actually a few of the towers have some architectural merit on their own, but their composition is a joke. I would love to see the spiral-like tower built, to complement the Torre Agbar.

  • Matteo Colombo

    Careful Dezeen, giving publicity to something like this. Careful.

    This is nothing, it’s not gonna happen, looks like a bad student project, shouldn’t be published at all. I’m sure you can find interenting stuff to give visibility to good architects instead.

  • DavidH

    Looks like something from Archigram.

  • boooo

    Love it! Reminds me a bit of Gaudi's design for that hotel in NYC.

  • Marco

    Good to hear Barcelona taking a clear stand against this kind of Dubai-esque horrors. Though I can’t blame the developers for thinking it might work, considering the happiness with which Barcelona allowed the W-tower to dominate their seashore. But apparently that was “in keeping” with their vision of the city.

  • mrbrueck

    I’m getting a seriously sleazy vibe from Mobilona. If you go to their website, they’re crowd sourcing their architecture selection and if anyone remembers “Hot or Not” from the early 2000s, that’s how they’re doing it. And among the design options they’re presenting are knock-offs or bastardizations of “hot” architecture projects.

    I’ve already spotted knock offs of OMA’s CCTV HQ, Burj Al Arab, 30 St Mary Axe (cloned and stamped 4 or 5 times across a site) and a *wonderful* rendition of Studio Gang’s Aqua quartered and piled on itself in a crude Photoshop render.

  • lukas

    I do not know what to do, to laugh or to cry…

  • MRB

    This is a joke, right? The firm behind it is just trolling virally, they’ve gotta be.

  • joe

    Who ever would have thought the W Hotel building was to go ahead? That was a huge surprise, but this proposal should only ever be a render. Preferably in a bin.

  • Me Harder

    Out of the box thinking, very progressive, extremely visionary!

  • gdane

    This is what happens when you design with Excel and Powerpoint.

  • suplet

    It’s quite blue :-p

    The grand oversight is cooperation with Branson or Besos’ companies and a launch pad. Without a launch pad it can not be serious for the future when people can go to space. It would then only be for slummers who can not afford $200,000 (to go up there for 5 minutes). Or better yet cooperation with SpaceX (see VTVL Grasshopper), which could become an intergalactic space/Earth link.

    That would put Barcelona on the map! Otherwise it is just a Disney World theme park bottom feeder, and needs a casino.

  • Maria

    Looks like something a student presents and fails miserably.

  • Barcelona officials: excellent decision!

    Mobilona: what are you thinking?

  • Rob T

    Kitsch monstrosity, it's as if it's been conceived and developed as a carbuncle from the off. Complete and utter shite. It could host Eurovision.

  • elcuber

    In Barcelona we don’t want this sh*t.

  • In a space hotel, no one can hear you scream.

  • I wish I could have a night in this hotel.

  • Brassman

    Do you all want to live in the past with your copycat posts about how revolted you are? I welcome change and embrace it – I say the more newer and interesting futurisitic architecture the better, rather than the monotony of similarity.

    Well done Mobilona.

  • Nuk

    Burn it before it lays eggs. Build it in Dubai for all I care, just do not touch Barcelona!