Tweezers by
Clemens Auer


Austrian designer Clemens Auer has created a pair of tweezers made from a single loop of metal.

Clemens Auer designed the steel grooming aid to mimic the "O" shape created when the index finger and thumb of one hand are brought together in a pinching gesture.

Tweezers by Clemens Auer

"It is a poetic and intuitive translation of an image that feels natural into a simple product," he told us.

Apart from the two ends that curve out to create the plucking implement, the metal band almost forms a complete circle

Tweezers by Clemens Auer

Galvanisation with various alloys can be used to achieve different coloured finishes.

More grooming tools on Dezeen include a stainless steel shaving set akin to industrial tools and shaving brushes with long locks of hair instead of short bristles.

Tweezers by Clemens Auer

credit card-sized pack of USB sticks and a tap that uses half as much water as a normal faucet are other useful items we've featured lately.

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  • mlk

    Looks quite rough without rounded edges.

  • 9732

    Instead of just showing a hand, it might help to show the product – wait for it – in the hand!

  • HAL

    Looks as if he hasn’t “created” anything. When will design blogs realize that 3D renderings are just a step in the process! Just be honest, writers. He had an idea, spent what would be maybe an hour total to get the model/renderings.

    Not knocking the design here, just the increasing laziness to find the new and inspiring work I expect to see when I come to one of the best design blogs out there…

  • duccio

    Completely agree with HAL. And also a completely useless non-functional project.

  • Alex

    “Austrian designer Clemens Auer has created a pair of tweezers made from a single loop of metal.”

    WOW. And how do you think normal tweezers are made since the middle ages?

    • flavio

      Since the middle ages, tweezers have been made of two halves soldered together. So stop being a smart arse.

  • jen

    These would be incredibly difficult to use – you don’t hold your hand like that when using tweezers! You would have no control over them! Useless and ill thought out.

  • Gerhard

    This guy just won the Wallpaper* Design Award with exactly these tweezers.